15 Vibrant Small Living Room Decor Ideas

When we talk about small living rooms, we know for one thing that it is one important issue since small living room decor ideas is in demand and is pretty much significant. We are all concerned as to how we can decorate our small living rooms to make it more prettier or more conducive not only for us, but for the people in the house.

The next pictures that you will be seeing are 15 Vibrant Small Living Room Decor Ideas that we have picked up for you to choose from. Unlike other rooms in the house, we have to make sure that everyone who lives in that particular home is considered – it’s not like we just live alone, well, unless you do. For example, a bedroom can be decorated the way how the user wants it to be, but with the living room, we consider more people to make living more comfortable for all. Take a look at the next picture and hope that you will enjoy.


Austin Living Room

Image: Heather Scott

This living room is pretty thanks to the decors used in this space – just like the frames by the mirror and the long drapes which also gives the room a feel of high ceilings.

California Residence



Image: anddesigns.com

Thanks to the warm lighting for this living room, it made it more cozy and great to hang out in. The colors of the walls complement well with the furniture in the room!

Condo Living Area



Image: WCDesignStudio

This room may be small, but with the right decoration, this room makes large living rooms out of place!

Condo Living Room


Image: Gryffindor Prince

This condo looks all-modern with the appliances and lighting it has, but with making the room use white and greys – this room just became awesome!

Eclectic Living Room



Image: Casey Noble

This eclectic space looks incredibly stunning, thanks to the striped drapes and fabulously printed area carpet! And by the way, the center table and accent chair looks great too!

Traditional Blue & Brown Sitting Room



Image: Judi Ackerman

This lovely traditional living room sets the mood for things close to vintage! The chairs, the tables and the decors make this room one happy place to live in!

Living Area



Image: Roseven

Look at the stunning painting which evidently brightens up almost monochromatic room! Only the reds in this room seem to bring all the things together!

Living Blue



Image: Micoliver1226

This living room looks a little bit masculine with the colors used. But adding the printed pillows and scarf plus an interesting center table makes the look complete.

Living Room W Chaise


Image: Fini Home Design & Staging

Using a chaise paired to your sofa can look as charming as this. This is pretty as it already is because of the cute empty frames in the wall and a printed area carpet.


Modern Living Room


Image: Dawna Jones Design

Don’t you like the boat-like inspired touch this living room has? This room got tons of interesting decors that not all homes consider of getting. Totally a breath of fresh air!

Small Living Room


Image: Norman

Do you like the color of this room? The light coming from the windows creates an ambiance of comfort and modernism.


Small Residence



Image: Zaunbrecher Design

Cute color combination of white, grey and apple greens. The center table looks customized and the paintings look great on the walls too.

Studio Living Space


Image: Paulrd0021

The color of this living room is just vibrant and refreshing! The colors chosen sure lights up the room! Very unique furniture, don’t you agree?

Urban Loft



Image: Cortney and Robert Novogratz

This loft living space makes a regular living room look blank! We love how the wall was decorated with black and white photos matched with a great set of furniture and cute area carpet!

Vancouver Living Room


Image: Fluff Designs and Decor

Contemporary living in a beautiful place makes life better! Just like this living room! This one sure it pretty and contemporary!

And that was our 15 Vibrant Small Living Room Decor Ideas which sure is pretty stunning and astounding examples of living spaces that gives us ideas of how we can make these areas more spacious, pretty, and a whole better place to live in! Take a look at living room decor ideas for you to compare regular sized living rooms from the small ones we posted for you guys!


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Nature-inspired project visits Camiguin, brings in investment opportunities


“Camiguin Island is just few hours away from Cagayan de Oro and it’s a perfect location for Pirmavera to create a healthy business relationship between CdO and Camiguin. We want to create partnerships with the active business sectors in the island since Primavera Residences is a good earning investment,” Ryan Fajardo, Internal Sales Head of Primavera Residences, said.

Last 19-22 October, Primavera Residences Sales and Marketing team experienced Camiguin’s remarkable sunsets, astonishing bays, and its spectacular mountains, just in time for the province’s 36th Lanzones Festival.

“Camiguin is known for its rich natural resources. Nature preservation has always been its top priority in promoting their island. The province of Camiguin and Primavera Residences have the same advocacy that we actively promote as we build nature-inspired developments,” Cesar Stefan Rago, Public Relations and Marketing Officer of Primavera Residences, declared.

Camiguin is a tourist’s haven. Unspoilt beaches, powdery white sand, hot springs, majestic falls – name it. For the adventurous, there are also volcanoes to climb and jungles to trek, and for the foodies, mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisine and fresh bounties from the sea are waiting to satisfy the next visitor.

Camiguin is especially wonderful to visit at this time of the year due to its annual Lanzones Festival. With a series of attractions lined up for the whole festival season, visitors are set to be amazed and fall deeper in love with the island.


Bringing investment opportunities to the island 

Primavera Residences, a multi-awarded mixed-use development in Cagayan de Oro, visited the island of Camiguin last October 19 – 22 with the event highlight held at Villa Paraiso Resort at Mamabajao, Camiguin to conduct series of events aimed at introducing the condominium property to Camiguinons.

The event highlighted points to prospective investors from Camiguin as Primavera is considered a very safe investment, offers good returns in a growing alternative market, located in CdO which is as an emerging economy in the Philippines, and a rising travel and tourism destination in Northern Mindanao.

The investment yields approximately 8% ROI per annum, thereby contributing to a very attractive opportunity for property investors.

Planning to visit Northern Mindanao soon? Primavera Residences offers condo units available for short-term and long-term rent or for purchase. You can also talk to us and we’ll love to share with you the amazing spots you can visit in the region – the lovely Camiguin Island among those in the list

Know more about Primavera Residences by following its official Facebook account at www.facebook.com/condoprimavera or visit www.primaveraresidences.com.

Free Live Broadcast of Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight at Primavera Residences

Pacquiao VS Mayweather

This May 3, Primavera Residences together with Primavera Residences Condominium Corporation (PRCC) will be offering free live broadcast of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight at the La Rondine Hall of Primavera Residences.

“We always want our residents to be happy. Through this free live broadcast of the fight of the century, we give our residents an opportunity to bond with their neighbors and other guests to enjoy the fight we’ve waited for so long. At the end of the day, as Filipinos, we share Pacquiao’s success with everyone,” Gladys Magadan-Echano, ITPI Sales Director, said.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are the two most widely-followed and accomplished boxers in this generation. Pacquiao, at 36, has fought longer and more often than Floyd. 5 of his 57 bouts have been losses, two of them were draws. On the other hand, Mayweather, at 38, has encompassed 47 fights for 47 wins over 19 years.

“This fight is one of, if not the most talked about fight of Pacquiao. As a proud supporter of Pacman, giving our unit owners, renters, and other guests the chance to watch this momentous event is just one of the many treats we will be offering this May. Together with the management of Italpinas, PRCC hopes to see everyone rejoice with Pacquiao,” Jelly Galleto, PRCC Manager, expressed.

The fight will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. As part of the much talked about negotiations, Mayweather will receive the lion’s share of a 60-40 money split in a fight that could gross up to $400 million. For the split and billing, Mayweather’s name will be first on the fight bill, “Mayweather-Pacquiao”. He will also walk to the ring second and be introduced second.

“Win or lose, we will always be proud of Pacquiao. Together with PRCC, we are inviting everyone to pre-register to avail the FREE live viewing of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on May 3, Sunday,” Echano declared.

To pre-register for limited seating, you may visit the multi-awarded green building’s sales office at the 2/F of Primavera Residences in Pueblo de Oro Business Park. You may also pre-register by sending your name, address, and contact details via email at christine@italpinas.com or text 0917-794-2221 on or before April 30, 2015.

Primavera Residences, the flagship project of Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI), is a 10-story, two-tower building located at Pueblo de Oro Township offering residential, commercial and office spaces for lease and purchase. All units in the first tower are ready for occupancy while the second tower is slated to be completed later this year. Buyers may choose from studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.

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What’s Next for Your Child After Graduation?

What's Next for Your Child After Graduation?

This is it.

He just graduated.

He finally moved to life after college.

Congratulations for making it this far! Congratulations on the achievement! Indeed, graduating from college is a major breakthrough; that is why most students see college as a major goals, when in reality it is simply a stepping stone to other future life triumphs. Figuring out who they are and what they value the most are just some of the considerations of the adventure they’ll take after college. The next questions will be, “What’s next for you after college?” and “What lies ahead?

After college, they will probably encounter critical issues they need to deal with as they discover the transition from college to career and to living independently.

Dilemma 1: Career A, B, or C?

Many newly-grads are still undecided on what specific career they’re going to take. Even if we say we are as sure as a bullet, guess what? Career experts say that an average person switches careers (not jobs) for four to five times over his lifetime.

Next question is, where would they go from here? For almost everyone, getting the very first job after graduation can seem a big challenge. With little to no practical experience, they may feel they’re in a weak position competing in a job market populated by all sorts of candidates whose varying numbers of work years make them seem more favorable.

For a first-time job-seeker, your child should ensure that they’re tying up with an employer who has the foundation to provide the right training and support. Remember, having a solid start is essential to build a successful career, and it only can be accomplished through working for employers who see the potential in young graduates rather than looking solely at the savings that can be made by hiring them.

The next step: Where will they live upon graduation?

Yes, your child may have just spent the last four years in dorms. Or maybe he have lived off-campus with a friend or two in an apartment. Now that graduation is near, he may have already found a place to live, or decided to move back home with you, still the decision is still in your hands considering some reasons and consequences.

Before deciding to let them live independently after college, you should get into consideration all of your options. Some of the questions that might bug you before purchasing or leasing a place to stay are: “What can I afford? Where do I actually want them to live? What do I need in an apartment or a house?”

Living alone definitely equip them to have a better life ahead. Taking off from college would not just help them become responsible and independent, it helps them build an investment over their character. Though it will be challenging but it’ll be worth the battle, I promise.


Have you decided to let your child live independently after college? Click here for more reasons why you should consider a condo unit as a graduation gift. This March, Primavera Residences offers special discounts worth P70,000 to its condominium buyers. In addition, buyers with graduating family members may also avail of an additional P5,000 worth of gift certificates which can be claimed at Bigby’s SM City CdO branch.

Primavera Residences is a multi-awarded green property development situated in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. Its passive cooling features include ledges on the exterior walls that provide shade and reduce the amount of direct sunlight hitting the windows, thus minimizing the use of air-conditioners. An inner courtyard at Primavera Residences also provide natural ventilation by expulsing warm air out through the rooftop.

Do you want to know more about the multi-awarded green building’s promos and treats? You may contact Primavera at (088) 880-5002, 0917 794 2221, or you can visit their website by clicking here.

Cagayan de Oro Developer Hosts Condo and Car Fair


Last February 25, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI) together with Hyundai Philippines, successfully conducted a condo and car fair at the grounds of Primavera Residences in Uptown Cagayan de Oro.

At exactly 9AM, Italpinas and Hyundai welcomed guests with treats and a grand tour of the multi-awarded Primavera Residences followed by a free test drive of Hyundai’s car displays. Displayed Hyundai vehicles were Tucson, Eon and 2014 Best Mini Car of the Year (Car Awards Group) awardee, the Grand i10.

While ITPI is committed to developing sustainable properties in alternative cities, Hyundai is a brand also known to create automobiles with eco-friendly automotive technology. Geared towards dealing with sustainable companies, Hyundai is aggressively expanding its nationwide dealership and Italpinas is just one of the brands they recently partnered with.


“This successful event with Hyundai is a positive sign that people are becoming conscious of climate change. Not only has the desire for fuel-efficient increased, interest in eco-friendly properties are also rising,” Gladys Echano, ITPI Sales Director, said.

Primavera Residences has received several recognitions from international award-giving bodies because of its green features and high-performance design that works with nature instead of against it. Its latest award  is the Best Mixed-use Development in the Philippines in the 2015-2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards.

“Owning a condo and a car was a brand of luxury before, but nowadays, it has become a way of life. A necessity that is worth investing in. Both Primavera and Hyundai offer a brand that is energy-efficient and that meets the needs of the buyers while being good on the environment,” Michael Gaabucayan said.


Primavera Residences is an Italian-designed green condo development located in Uptown Cagayan de Oro developed by ITPI. It is Cagayan de Oro’s first eco-friendly mixed-use development comprised of residential, commercial, and office units for purchase and rent. All units are ready for occupancy.

Do you want to know more about the Primavera Residences and its events? You may click here or call 088-880-5002/0917 794 2221 for more information.

E-books vs Printed Books: Which is the Better Choice?


From cassette tapes to CDs, from Walkman’s to MP3 players, and from VHS to DVDs, we know that the race is getting even tighter now. The next round of format battle begins, who will come out on top: e-books or the traditional printed books?

There are many factors to consider when discussing the matter of e-books vs. printed books, but ultimately, it boils down to the reader’s preference.

Printed words and papers’ crisp

Avid fans of printed books claim that there’s still nothing like the smell of paper and the rustle of the pages as the reader flips gently through the book with their fingers. There’s something deeply intimate about the entire experience, they claim, and it’s one that cannot be derived from the cold, electronic e-book version.

Apart from these physical considerations, however, studies have shown that when it comes to reading comprehension, printed books are still the better choice. The study found out that literacy building in children is more effective with a printed book than with an e-book because of the centralized focus on the story and the opportunities for interaction between the child and the parent reading the book together.

The world has gone digital

On the other hand, those who prefer the e-book often say that the device takes lesser weight on their shoulders– literally. Yes, packing for trips is bad enough as it is, but it becomes doubly so when challenged with the task of choosing which book to bring. With the e-book, however, a reader can take hundreds of books with them on the journey, and only take up a few square inches in their carry-on bag.

For e-books, on the other hand, there are students and medical professionals who prefer using these for efficiency and prevent further hassle. Practicality-wise, using e-books is way “cheaper” than those of bulky and heavy books we see in book stores. Imagine ten 1000-page medical or accounting books in a one half-kilo e-book reader or tablet, how’s that for hassle-free student life, ey?  And what is news if it’s read tomorrow, anyway? With wifi-ready e-book reader, news and magazines are just a click away.

Aside from the debatable existence of both, there’s also this matter of production cost. Obviously, printed books cost more because of the resources needed. E-book reader manufacturers, though, spend the bulk of their production cost on the device itself, and from then on everything is digital and a fraction of the cost per book, compared to printed books.

The greater question: Which is more eco-friendly?

Well, clearly, whether the readers love the feel of a new paperback or hardcover book in our hands, paper smell that is fresh from the press or the crisp feel of the pages, and even the smell of the ink, we cannot object to the person doing the reading in which type they choose.

However, in this kind of world we live, where there is environmental degradation, it is best to be conscious of what needs to be acted upon accordingly. We can change the world we live in, not just by tree planting or clearing the roads from garbage, but also by simply shifting from the printed books to e-books.

The world has gone digital for many reasons. These are for convenience, efficiency, shareability, and conservation (of documents, photos and videos). Since e-books unquestionably save paper and therefore trees, it also conserves energy as it takes a lesser toll in electricity consumption in charging.

For an avid reader who reads more than 10 books per year, consider purchasing a device that will let you do other things, like Web surfing or e-mailing, to bring down your overall carbon footprint.

In conclusion, readers actually help the Earth by using their e-book reader devices rather than buying paper books. So after convenience, efficiency, shareability and conservation, they can surely add eco-friendly to the list of digital advantages. While we will miss the wisp of a turning page, it is safe to say that e-books and e-book readers are the green way after all.

Currently, sustainable developer Primavera Residences supports Cagayan de Oro Rugby Football Club as they are gathering educational books for a book donation drive that would benefit schools in remote areas of Papua New Guinea. They will accept encyclopedias, text books, and any other educational materials. As a support to this worthwhile and eco-friendly cause, those who wish to donate may drop off your donations at the Primavera Sales Office at 2/F Primavera Residences, Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City from 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays until the end of the month of February.

Do you have any unused books? Let’s make these once again useful by donating these now and spread the joy of learning to the children of Papua New Guinea.

For more information, visit the official page of Primavera Residences or the CDO Rugby Club Official FB page.

3 Eco-friendly Presents to Give this Season of Love

Eco-friendly_Season of LoveOnce again, the month of love has come and it sure paves a venue for lovers to spend time, prepare for surprises, and arrange their favorite kind of ‘date’. Though it’s a highly-commercialized season, it is still the precious time where people can show how much they care for their loved ones. Though February 14 has already passed, I know you are still hoping to pull-off the last minute surprises you want your loved ones to get.

So here are few simple yet eco-friendly Valentine’s Day tips that could put your gift over the top.

From roses to daisies: If you’re planning to give your loved one flowers, first, make sure to know the meaning behind your flower choice. Getting organic flowers is also a smart idea. Or why not give her a living plant of rose bush that will last longer than those which last only for days or a week? You can always be creative by giving her your Valentine’s gift. Just the though and effort you put into your gift will surely be worth it.

Be as sweet as chocolates: We all know chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It contains an endorphin called phenylethylamine, levels of which in the brain have been linked to falling in love. Then a red rose was believed to be the favored flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, and has come to represent romantic love. That is why flowers and chocolates take up a good pair of a Valentine’s present to your loved one. Chocolates, on the other hand, do have a few allegedly eco-friendly chocolate brands that you can opt for.

The date of your choice: There will always be people who prefer to treat their loved one in the most sumptuous restaurant, however, there are also those who would want to be more romantic by considering to eat in. Cooking dinner at home for your loved one wouldn’t take much of your budget. With a quick trip to the organic section of your local supermarket and some budget-friendly organic recipes, you’re good to go.

No matter where you are or what you plan on doing, remember that it doesn’t take much to make the love season an eco-friendly one!

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4 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Date

Simple ways to Celebrate valentines

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you can bask in the feeling of being in love and celebrate the glory of being loved.

George Elliot once said, “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved,” and everyone agrees, as nothing warms the heart more than sweet thoughts and declarations of love on this special day. It doesn’t matter if you choose a grand gesture or a simple one, what matters is the thought and effort you put in.

So here are 4 creative ways to tell your loved one “I love you” not just this Valentine’s Day, but every day .

  1. Spend quality time. Go out to a nice restaurant or cook a special dinner. Cuddle on a couch and watch a movie. No matter what your chosen type of activity is, make sure to focus all your attention on your loved one and try to avoid distractions such as surfing the internet, chatting on the phone, or deciding to do other things by yourself or with another group of people.
  1. Make a homemade card. Your Valentine’s Day card will be more meaningful if it’s personalized. Instead of buying a card from a store, make your own and use your own words to express your genuine feelings. Create a poem or a note telling the person how much you love and appreciate him/her.
  1. Candy, chocolate, and sweets. If you are getting something for a woman, get a small box of sweet treats: it’s a no-fail gift albeit a little cliche. For women, there is a popular saying that says “A way to man’s heart is through his stomach”, cook for them  or bake them cupcakes. They’d surely love it.
  1. Express your words with a rose. Red roses are a timeless expression of love. If words fail, there are always red roses to convey your feelings.

To spread love and romance this Valentine’s day, Primavera Residences celebrates the special occasion with the #PrimaveraValentineRoses promo. Come, visit and get a FREE red rose  on February 14 and get a chance to win an overnight stay at Primavera.

Valentine Roses Draft

Not only that, Primavera Residences also offers a special Valentine treat for the whole family as buyers this February will get a free getaway trip to Dahilayan for 4 inclusive of an overnight stay and free rides.


We wish you happiness and love on February 14 and everyday!

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5 Useful Tips to Maximize Your Space


maximize space

The rising cost of the real estate assets in the Philippines is generally based in two things: location and size. Especially for properties in prime locations, it is sometimes necessary to downsize in order to achieve a cost-effective investment. In this case, for a condominium unit.

A typical condo unit in the Philippines comes in different sizes and structures that are expectedly smaller than our usual homes, however, this does not imply that condo occupants need to sacrifice the comfort of their property.

Living in a studio or a small apartment (pad) can be quite difficult. There’ll be little space for desired furniture and appliances. This challenge somehow gives the owner an idea to hire professional interior designers, but we know that this can be very expensive. With just the right amount of planning and organizing, maximizing the space in your unit and apartment could be put off easily.

Here are some 5 useful condo design ideas that can maximize the space and make it visually bigger:

  1. Buy things that are dual purpose

Before resorting to any cheats to create an illusion of space, think first of ways on how you can actually make space. Double-purpose furniture, such as sofa beds, allow you to accommodate guests for daytime chit-chat and night time sleep over, without actually wasting space on added furniture. There are also sofa tables where extended chairs are available which could save you a lot of space in your home.

  1. Store things neatly

Small things, when put together, can be potentially big. Your usual clutters may eat up your tabletop and floor space when not arranged accordingly. These refer to your small belongings, cleaning items and tiny figurines and decors.

You may look around for potential storage spaces. Under your bed, a secret cabinet under your couch, or buy a stool that has hidden drawers or compartments. The space under the staircase may be used for shelves and cabinets to hide bigger items such vacuum cleaner and baby stroller.

  1. The brighter, the bigger

Perhaps the most basic step in creating a grand optical illusion is to maximize light. Proper lighting combines the right use of natural and artificial lights. Use lamps to bounce off light towards the ceiling, making it appear higher. Using corner spotlights, instead of a center chandelier, provides added brightness and more visual space. For spotlights, consider using LED bulbs for an energy-efficient home design.

  1. Choose vibrant colors for your furniture

Neutral base paint that matches neutral furnishings can be very dark and boring. Bright and eye-catching furniture such as sofa, throw pillows, curtains and carpets can add texture to your space. It also lets you see the amount of space you have in your unit or apartment.

  1. Looking through

Put on light-colored, thin draperies to allow guests to look through your windows, creating an impression of the outside view as an extension of your home. What’s better than visually pushing back the walls? You can also let the mirror do the trick. Mirrors never fail to create an illusion to make your space look wider. Use them in living room and hallways. Putting these ideas together essentially points out one thing – allow people to look through.

On May 24 last year, Primavera Residences in partnership with Truly Wealthy Realty and interior designer Anna Christina Sagarbarria began a series of workshops that tackled how to maximize small spaces. For details on upcoming events and learning sessions, like the Primavera Residences Official Facebook page or visit www.primaveraresidences.com.