Primavera #HOWLoweenPAWty Costume Contest Winners


Before we bid adieu to this year’s Halloween season, let us cap it off first with an announcement of the October Social media contest winners.

Our social media promo for the month of October is called #HOWLoweenPAWty pet costume contest, in partnership with PetPerk Grooming Services, the premier pet grooming destination in Cagayan de Oro City.  Located at Velez St. in Cagayan de Oro, PetPerk offers pet grooming services and all kinds of items for your pets’ every need.

pet perk

#HOWLoweenPAWty costume contest winners will be receiving the following prizes courtesy of PetPerk:

1st prize: 6 months free grooming services

2nd prize: 3 months free grooming services

3rd prize: 1 month free grooming services

No participating pet will come home empty-handed because Primavera Residences will also be providing treats and goodies to all our furry little contestants.

And now, for the winners.

[drum roll]

On third place, we have a tie!

It’s Whoopi as Little Pug Riding Hood and Pepper the Mummy!



Both garnering a total of 74 votes, Whoopi and Pepper are tied at 3rd place!


On second place, it’s Dixie dressed up as a minion!


Just when you thought you’re already immune to the minions’ popularity, here comes Dixie as an adorable little minion. Dixie the minion originally hogged the top place with 178 Facebook votes, but was unfortunately bumped off in the remaining days of the competition.

And finally, on first place, Bradd the Witch!


Bradd the witch must’ve put a spell on everyone’s hearts because his votes poured in during the last days of voting. The contest ended with Bradd surging ahead with 230 votes as of cut-off period. Way to go, Bradd!

Congratulations Whoopi, Pepper, Dixie, and Bradd!

We would also like to thank and congratulate the runners-up who will be taking home goodies and treats from Primavera Residences.

3Maxxiz as Minnie Mouse!


Mr. Patches as the cuddly little devil

 1Not one but TWO ballerina pugs!


Thank you so much and congratulations to all! Watch out for our next social media contest by tuning in to our official Facebook page and Instagram account (@primaveraresidences).

For the winners (top 3 and runners-up), please send a message via for instructions on how to claim your prizes.

To know more about Primavera Residences, visit or call 088-880-5002.


Congratulations to the February Social Media Contest Winner!

Want to win fun and exciting prizes every month? It’s super easy! Just visit the official Primavera Residences Facebook page and join the monthly contests.

For February this year, we asked everyone to send their Valentine selfies with the Primavera Residences building or booth in the background.


We received several entries, but the entry submitted by Mr. Shim Suan and his family won our hearts and garnered dozens of likes from the Facebook community.

Suan family
The winning entry

As the selected February social media contest winner, Mr. Shim Suan and family won a dinner date courtesy of Primavera Residences.

Here are some photos from their family dinner date at Barkadahan Grill in Primavera Residences. The entire family claimed the prize last Sunday, March 30.


2014-03-30 17.53.27_1 (1)

2014-03-30 17.57.39_1 (1)

Thank you so much, Suan family!

Many thanks also to the management and staff of Barkadahan Grill Pueblo for the assistance and support.

Like the official Primavera Residences page on Facebook and stay tuned for our monthly contests and freebies!

Know more about the multi-awarded Primavera Residences by clicking this link. 

Join the #AnticipatingSummer Photo Contest on Facebook

summer photo contest



Excited for summer? I’m sure you are. If you feel like reliving your fun beach photos and jump shots of summers past, feel free to tag the official Primavera Residences page on Facebook and you just might get the chance to win awesome prizes from us.

Here are three simple steps on how you can join:

  1. Like the official Facebook page of Primavera Residences HERE.
  2. Share your summer photos in the page or simply tag Primavera Residences.
  3. Use the hashtag #AnticipatingSummer.

Submit your entries until March 31 and wait for the official announcement on April 2. Winner will get gift checks for his/her summer shopping needs!

Hurry, submit your entries now!


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