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Primavera Residences March Promo Offers P150,000 Savings

green building, Italpinas Development Corporation, Primavera City, green condominium, Cagayan de Oro, condominium in Cagayan de Oro, Romolo V. Nati

This month of the year, Primavera Residences offers a SUPER INVESTMENT MADNESS. March buyers will enjoy a total of P150,000 savings inclusive of Kitchen Showcase of up to P100,000 and Free Property Management Contract with Damiani, Primavera’s leasing partner,  of  as much as P50,000.

“At Italpinas, we offer our clients the best of condominium living, providing them with first class units and facilities. Other than that, we make sure to offer them practical deals to give them more chances to move in or invest in the first eco-friendly and multi-awarded condominium in the city,” said Gladys Echano, IDC Sales Director.

About Damiani

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), the multi-awarded builder in Cagayan de Oro,  is partnered with an Italian-Filipino leasing company, Damiani Property Management and Services, Inc. (DPMSi). This partnership makes IDC’s projects like Primavera Residences a practical investment for you. Experience a hassle-free investment with Damiani’s professional skills in property management and leasing services.

About Primavera Residences

Primavera Residences, the country’s multi-awarded green mixed-use development, provides you with a sustainable and peaceful living experience that  guarantees to make your life easier and comfortable. As it is situated in the heart of the city, you have easy access to nearby places such as SM City, schools, convenience stores, churches, world-class golf course, banks, among others.

Its 10-storey twin-tower building is located at Pueblo de Oro Business Park offering residential, commercial and office spaces for sale and for rent. You can choose from one-bedroom and two-bedroom units – all ready for occupancy.

About IDC

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) is a publicly listed green developer that is recognized in the national and global arena for its commitment to green living and architectural design. It was among the winners in the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards in the 2014 Asia Pacific regional competition as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines. It has been awarded also as the Best Condo Development in the Philippines in 2011 (Southeast Asia Property Awards) and a finalist in the Most Promising Energy Investment Opportunity of the Year (CTI PFAN Philippines Clean Energy Investor Forum).  Primavera Residences was also given the distinction as the First Completed Condominium Project in East Asia to be given the EDGE (Excellence in Design For Greater Efficiencies) Certificate, awarded by IFC World Bank.

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National Geographic Cites ITPI Officers as Among The ‘New Philippine Business Leaders’

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Officers of the young and dynamic green property firm that is behind the development of Primavera Residences — the first eco-friendly, mixed-use condominium development in Mindanao — have been recently cited as the country’s “new business leaders” by National Geographic.

In an article published in the February 2014 issue of the legendary magazine, ITPI Corp. (Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation) was noted for leading the country’s push into sustainable architecture and property development.

The National Geographic cited ITPI for specializing in property development “with environmentally sound and affordable architectural design.” The official publication of the National Geographic Society, the National Geographic magazine has been published since 1888.

In the article, which featured two other upcoming property developers that are seen as movers in their own sectors, Primavera Residences was also noted for its being an award-winning property that has gained international recognition for its best-in-class passive cooling design and other sustainable architecture features.

“We design eco-friendly lifestyle solutions and incorporate them into energy-smart buildings and residential units for the middle-market,” the National Geographic quoted ITPI Executive Chairman and CEO Italian Architect Romolo V. Nati as saying. Together with his Filipino partner, Atty. Jojo Leviste, the Italian architect was noted by the magazine as someone who is “something of a visionary.”

According to National Geographic: “Primavera Residences’ design combines contemporary aesthetics with natural airflow through inner spaces…(Its) architectural elements (are) designed precisely for the location’s latitude, and the building’s surface (is) shaded from the sun throughout the year.”

“This design has been cited as one of Asia’s top 10 clean energy projects because of its capacity to help residents save as much as 32% on air-conditioning consumption,” the magazine also said.

National Geographic also said: “Leviste is particularly pleased that ITPI’s elegant design solutions have been compared to the architecture of the bahay kubo, the indigenous bamboo-and-thatch huts that predate Spanish colonisation.”

It quoted Leviste as maintaining that: “Eco-friendly buildings do not have to cost a lot and they don’t have to be high-tech.”

“We want to change the perception of green building from being expensive to being something regular people can afford,” National Geographic also quoted Arch. Nati as saying.

So far, Primavera Residences has already won two awards:

•             The Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunities from the Climate Technology Initiative-Private Financing Advisory Networks (CTI-PFAN) in 2010, given at the Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing held in Makati.

CTI-PFAN is the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) in cooperation with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Expert Group on Technology Transfer. PFAN operates to bridge the gap between investments and clean energy businesses.

•             One of the Best Condo Developments in the Philippines from the 2011 South East Asia Property Awards at a ceremony held at Singapore.#

Italpinas Eyes More Climate-Resilient Projects in Cagayan De Oro





‘We are ready to help Cagayan de Oro become a climate-resilient city’— Italpinas
Following the destruction brought by Tropical Depression Agaton in Cagayan de Oro, an emerging leader in the Philippine sustainable building sector re-emphasized its commitment to help the City of Golden Friendship become a more climate-resilient city.“When we first came to Cagayan de Oro in 2009, we were told that the city was outside the typhoon belt. But Tropical Storm Sendong came along, then Pablo and now Agaton. Clearly, the weather in the city is rapidly changing and it is incumbent upon us to adapt quickly to this new reality,” said Architect Romolo V. Nati, CEO and Executive Chairman of Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation (ITPI), owners and developers of Primavera Residences, the city’s first climate resilient and eco-friendly building.As the developer of CDO’s first eco-friendly, mixed-use condominium complex, Arch. Nati emphasized ITPI’s commitment to share their expertise in green architecture and entrepreneurship that could help Cagayan de Oro adapt to climate change.“All indicators point to CdO as one of the cities that will lead the country’s growth in future decades, but we also know for sure that it is also a city that’s vulnerable to climate change,” said Atty. Jojo Leviste, Arch. the President of ITPI and Architect Nati’s partner. Leviste is also the President of Constellation Energy Corporation which is a sister firm of ITPI that focuses on renewable energy.“Cagayan de Oro ranks as the country’s most competitive city in 2013 and is also listed among the country’s fastest-growing city economies. Economists even predict that CdO will become the gateway, not only to Mindanao, but to the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. In fact, CdO has become a magnet for regional offices of multinational corporations, as well as many business process outsourcing companies,” Leviste noted.CDO vulnerable to climate changeAccording to Management of Climate Change Impacts, a study conducted last year by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Bank of the Philippines (BPI) Foundation Inc on 12 Philippine cities, Cagayan de Oro is one of the cities identified as vulnerable to the impact of climate change. However, Arch. Nati  believes weather data tells only “half the story.”“To fully understand CdO’s vulnerability to climate change, it’s important to look at the city’s hydrology and topography as well,” Nati notes from the WWF-BPI Foundation study.

The study cites how the drainage systems of the Tagoloan and the Cagayan de Oro Rivers are swollen by rainfall coming from the high plateaus of Bukidnon which has an annual volume that is over 60% higher than that of the city itself.

Nati reiterated how Cagayan de Oro itself is a rapidly expanding urban center that is fast becoming a heat sink which enhances evaporation. This aggravates the build up of moisture in the hills above the city that triggers even more rain.

“In fact, a JICA study submitted to the National Water Resource Bureau estimates that from 2005 to 2025, Region X will show the highest levels of water available in the country.” JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) is the independent governmental agency that coordinates the Japanese government’s official development assistance (ODA) to developing nations.

Even more than hits from typhoons, it is flash floods from extreme rainfall, flowing down the rivers and running off the slopes of upland Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon that Cagayan de Oro has to watch out for, highlights the WWF-BPI Foundation study.

ITPI committed to developing CDO’s climate-resiliency

“But while the problem is huge, it can be addressed — or at least we’d like to believe so,” said Atty. Leviste. “After all, we’re already invested in the city and we’re investing even more soon,” he added. “We’re in CdO to stay.”

ITPI plans new projects in the city after the success of Primavera Residences, the twin towers 10-storey condominium which incorporates world class passive cooling technologies such as shadow and sunlight control, wind cooling, and aerodynamics.

Last December, ITPI disclosed its intent to invest at least US$200 million worth of projects within the next six years in Cagayan de Oro, as well as other cities in the Philippines. This will be led by a larger mixed-use development in CdO. Architect Nati said ITPI is proud of the new project’s sustainable design which won the title as the “Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunity in the Philippines in 2013″ from CTI Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI-PFAN).

Since its inception in 2009, Italpinas has quickly taken the lead in creating unique and eco-friendly property developments in the country’s emerging cities. All of ITPI’s projects, from current to proposed feature sustainable architecture designs that are combined with on-site production of renewable energy.

“To prepare for a future defined by climate change, CdO has to manage its rapid urbanization to lessen the damage from climate change. One good way to do this is to strategically diffuse population concentrations by building in the less crowded areas of the city, then to put up efficient mass transit and freight transport systems to link these diffuse settlements. New climate-smart infrastructure is also a very important part of creating climate resilient settlements,” Nati said.

“For one, sea levels are expected to rise because of increasing temperatures. With the occasional storm surge, Cagayan de Oro has to retro-fit its seaports,” he said. Cagayan de Oro is blessed to have world-class international sea ports that is fast emerging hub in the South China Sea and one of the world’s busiest international sea-lanes.

“We’d like to think we’ve done our small part by developing Primavera Residences in an elevated area that’s virtually flood-free at 110 meters above sea level It’s also a much less population-dense area, so we don’t contribute to urban congestion and worsening the city as a heat sink. It’s also a much less population-dense area, so we don’t contribute to urban congestion and worsening the city as a heat sink.”

Natti also he cited how Primavera Residences was designed to lessen its overall energy consumption by around 20 percent through a passive green energy strategy that lessens its carbon footprint. It will use an active on-site energy generation from photovoltaic or solar cells which will soon be installed on the roofs of both towers. This will increase energy savings further.

Passive cooling techniques used at Primavera include an inner courtyard that combined with each units’ cross-ventilation layout, enhances natural airflow and optimizes natural light. This further lessens air-conditioning use and reduces the need for artificial lights.

The towers are also designed to have cantilevered edges that produce shadows that minimize direct sunlight moderating the temperature inside the units.

Here’s a link to the story.

Primavera Residences designer featured as ‘Innovator’ in 2013 Italian Language Week


The architect who designed the first eco-friendly, mixed-use condominium development in Mindanao spoke as an ‘Italian innovator’ last Thursday, Dec

12, at the 13th edition of the Settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo (Italian Language Week), the 13th global celebration of the annual cultural event first held in 2001

ITPI Corp (ItalPinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation) Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Romolo Valentino Nati shared his ‘eco-logic’ design principles with other Italian innovators and an audience of mostly young Filipino university students and aficionados of Italian language and culture

Launched with the aim of promoting Italian language and culture, each year’s edition of Italian Language Week is held simultaneously in many countries on December 10-13, revolving around a specific theme or particular aspect in the use of the Italian language

As this year’s theme was ‘Ricerca, Scoperta, Innovazione: L’Italia dei saperi or Research, Discovery, Innovation: Italy and Knowledge’, Architect Nati was chosen to present his company’s innovative approach to architecture, building and property development

Every year, Italian Language Week is organized by the Accademia della Crusca in collaboration with the Office for the Promotion and Cooperation in Cultural Affairs of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In the Philippines, the Embassy of Italy and the Department of European Languages of the University of the Philippines, Diliman organized the event

Nati pushes sustainable architecture

Nati spoke on “Eco-Friendly Buildings and Renewable Energy” at the one of the Italian Language Week’s events, a whole-day forum held Dec

12 at the Claro M

Recto Hall of the College of Arts and Letters in the UP Diliman campus

The Italian architect is the designer of Primavera Residences and his company, ITPI, developed this

ITPI a property development company formed in 2009 by Nati and his Filipino partner Atty

Jojo Leviste

A young developer, it invests most of its resources into its in-house research and design (R&D) department that looks into sustainable architecture

ITPI is also an affiliate of the renewable energy firm Constellation Energy Corp


Leviste is the President of CEC

A truly green and ‘disaster-proof’ architecture

Primavera Residences is a 10-storey, twin-tower, mixed-use development located in Cagayan de Oro’s plush Pueblo de Oro Business & IT Park

Its first tower, Tower A, just completed in the third quarter of last year, is almost fully sold-out

Tower B is also around 30 percent sold-out, even if its construction is also around 30 percent complete

Tower A of Primavera Residences has an inner courtyard and a cross-ventilation layout designed to enhance natural air flow and light

Shaded facades sift sunlight’s entry through windows, moderating the temperature inside units, slashing air-conditioning costs by up to a third

These features — coupled with its location (110 meters above sea level) — also functioned to make the condominium ‘typhoon resistant,’ helping it survive typhoon Sendong, which hit Cagayan de Oro in 2011

The location saved it from massive flooding at the height of Sendong, while the energy-saving features helped mitigate the impact of strong storm winds on the building

The structures have also been designed to withstand earthquakes of high intensities

Multi-awarded green property developments

Because of the eco-friendly features included in the design of its two towers, Primavera Residences has quickly gained the attention of both renowned real estate institutions as well as institutions involved in sustainable property development

Primavera Residences has won two awards:

(1) The Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunities from the Climate Technology Initiative-Private Financing Advisory Networks (CTI-PFAN) in 2010, given at the Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing held in Makati

CTI-PFAN is the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) in cooperation with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Expert Group on Technology Transfer

PFAN operates to bridge the gap between investments and clean energy businesses

(2) One of the Best Condo Developments in the Philippines from the 2011 South East Asia Property Awards at a ceremony held at Singapore

See the world through Italian language

At the forum, Italian Ambassador to the Philippines Massimo Roscigno declared that the Italian language is a good instrument to explore the world

“Italian is a language of music,” Roscigno said, also noting that it was important to devote resources to protect our heritage

“Without heritage, we are nothing,” he said

The ambassador also expressed sympathy over the destruction of churches in Bohol and urged all Filipinos to do what they can to help restore our heritage sites, despite the economic challenges faced by the nation

In past years, some of the other themes of the Italian Week were:

  • L’italiano e le arti della parola (Italian and the art of words)
  • L’italiano come lingua di poesia (Italian as a poetic language)
  • Il cibo e le feste nella lingua e cultura italiana (Food and feasts in the Italian language and culture)
  • La lingua italiana e il mare (The Italian language and the sea)
  • L’italiano in piazza (Italian in the square)
  • L’italiano tra scienza e tecnologia (Italian in science and technology)

Green building and sustainable architecture in a climate change-challenged world

YOLANDA REHABILITATION EFFORTS have attracted this Italian architect and expert on sustainable architecture and green building. He’s offering to contribute his skills to help rebuild Leyte and the other parts of Eastern Visayas that have been recently devastated by the super typhoon.

Watch how ITPI Corp. (ItalPinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development) incorporates green building and sustainable architecture principles in its developments throughout the building life cycle.

Watch a short video clip on how ITPI uses performance-based design software to design sustainable buildings: