Italpinas accepts Special Award in Real Estate Dev’t at the 4th Mindanao Business Leaders Awards

Last July 25, BusinessWeek Mindanao, together with its sister publications, awarded 10 business individuals and organizations and 15 special citations to establishments and personalities at the 4th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards.

For the fourth time, BusinessWeek Mindanao consistently gave recognition to the most deserved magnates that have massively contributed to the economic development of Mindanao.

One of the 13 special citations is Primavera Residences for being the Best Leader in Real Estate Development for Green Condominium.


“It was an honor to receive the award on behalf of the people behind the success of this development. We share this award with fellow Kagay-anons as we provide them an eco-friendly place to live in,” Cesar Stefan Rago, Italpinas’ Public Relations and Marketing Officer, said.

The following were the awardees – Mega Entrepreneur Jose Alvarez, Darling Foods Corporation (Food Production and Marketing), Ecoverde Homes (Housing and Realty Development), MASS-SPECC Coop Development Center (Cooperatives), N Hotel (Hotel Industry), Thai Me Up (Outstanding Franchisee), Botoy’s Lechon Manok (Outstanding Franchisor), Apple Tree Resort & Hotel (Resort and Entertainment), Gama Foods Corporation (Agro-Industry Leader) and Vjandep (Micro Entrepreneur).

Special citations were given to the following: Tieza general manager Mark Lapid (Outstanding Tourism Leadership), DOT 10 director Catalino Chan III (Tourism Promotion), Apple Tree Resort & Hotel (Tourism Development), RR Family Spring Resort (Outstanding Tourism Destination), jointly the city government of Tangub and the municipal government of Maramag, Bukidnon (Outstanding LGU in Tourism Development), the city government of Ozamiz (Outstanding LGU in Economic Enterprise Development), Mimi Parrel-Pimentel (Outstanding in Fashion Industry), jointly the provincial governments of Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental (Outstanding LGU Healthcare Program), jointly Paglaum Multi-purpose Cooperative and NARCICO of Compostela Valley (Cooperative Development), Holcim (Social Responsibility Program), Johndorf Ventures Corporation (Housing Industry Development), Primavera Residences (Green Condominium), MCDC and Ecoverde Homes (Socialized Housing) and Tesda Misamis Oriental provincial director Leo Velez (Business and Industry Integrator).


“Entrepreneurs go through the process of having business plans, acquiring human and other required resources, and are fully responsible for their success or failure. One of the reasons we have the Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards, which is on its fourth year now, is because we are with you — businessmen and entrepreneurs — all through these years, and we celebrate in every step you make to success. Let me and BusinessWeek lead you exactly there.” Sudaria said.

IDC’s premier project in Cagayan de Oro – Primavera Residences, a green, mixed-use development – was built to serve the city’s increasing demand for affordable housing with sustainability in mind. It was awarded this year as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

To know more about Primavera Residences, you may visit or call 088-880-5002.

On The Manila Times: Primavera Developer Italpinas Sets P242-M IPO


The Italian-Filipino sustainable property developer, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI), is set to launch an initial public offering (IPO) this year to raise P242 million for its new and ongoing integrated development projects.

Obtained by the Manila Times on Tuesday, in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Italpinas said that it will be offering 57.622 million primary common shares, priced at a maximum of P4.20 per share.

The final offer price will be determined on July 21, and the offer period will run from July 27 to 31. The company expects to list on the Small, Medium and Emerging Board of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) on August 10.

Read more of the story here.

Top 4 Reasons Why More People Choose a Condo Over a House


Let’s face the fact that living in a single-detached home can be very expensive, especially when you decide to live on your own and want to live in major cities. Securing a house in good locations can be quite tedious because of cost and availability reasons, resulting to more people opting for a condo unit than traditional houses.

Here are the top reasons why:

  1. Cost-friendly: Nowadays, condo units are often the popular choice for yuppies, newly-weds, and small families because of affordability compared to single-detached homes. Since a condo unit is fairly divided, making it easier for you to maintain and clean. Also, in the Philippines, you can own a condo unit for as low as Php 8,000 per month.
  1. Location: When buying a place to live, one of the top consideration is the location. If you’re looking for a place that is just a few steps away from important places, then there is no doubt that a condominium is the best choice. Primavera Residences, located in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, is situated just beside one of largest mall in the city, SM City CdO. Not only that, it is also a walking distance to restaurants, movie houses, salons, supermarkets, schools, offices, and other leisure and entertainment hubs.
  1. Safety: Now that most of our jobs require us to travel a lot and spend most of our time at work, living in a condo unit gives you the convenience of not having to worry about leaving your home unguarded. For Primavera Residences, the building provides 24/7 security with highly trained security guards who are deployed to watch the possible entry points of the building to avoid illegal entry. Security cameras also covers the common areas of the building to make surveillance more effective. Lock and leave? Not a problem.
  1. Amenities and facilities:  Living in a condo gives you easier access to a swimming pool and gym, giving you the freedom and convenience to visit these amenities any time for your relaxation needs. This is just one of the many reasons why a number of the working population choose condo units over single-detached homes.

Condo living has both advantages and disadvantages, but for young professionals, newly-weds, or even friends living under one roof, then a condo unit truly offers more advantages.

Primavera Residences, a mixed-use development which is located in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, is the first-ever eco-friendly condominium project in Northern Mindanao. Specifically located at Pueblo de Oro Business and I.T. Park, Primavera Residences is ensured with 24/7 security. Surrounded with nearby leisure and entertainment areas, the building is just a walking distance to SM City CdO.

Primavera Residences is offering residential, commercial and office spaces for lease and purchase. All units in the first tower are ready for occupancy while the second tower is slated to be turned over in a few months’ time. Buyers may choose from studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.

Do you want to know more about Primavera Residences? You may visit their website by clicking here or call (088) 880-5002 or 0917-794-2221.

E-books vs Printed Books: Which is the Better Choice?


From cassette tapes to CDs, from Walkman’s to MP3 players, and from VHS to DVDs, we know that the race is getting even tighter now. The next round of format battle begins, who will come out on top: e-books or the traditional printed books?

There are many factors to consider when discussing the matter of e-books vs. printed books, but ultimately, it boils down to the reader’s preference.

Printed words and papers’ crisp

Avid fans of printed books claim that there’s still nothing like the smell of paper and the rustle of the pages as the reader flips gently through the book with their fingers. There’s something deeply intimate about the entire experience, they claim, and it’s one that cannot be derived from the cold, electronic e-book version.

Apart from these physical considerations, however, studies have shown that when it comes to reading comprehension, printed books are still the better choice. The study found out that literacy building in children is more effective with a printed book than with an e-book because of the centralized focus on the story and the opportunities for interaction between the child and the parent reading the book together.

The world has gone digital

On the other hand, those who prefer the e-book often say that the device takes lesser weight on their shoulders– literally. Yes, packing for trips is bad enough as it is, but it becomes doubly so when challenged with the task of choosing which book to bring. With the e-book, however, a reader can take hundreds of books with them on the journey, and only take up a few square inches in their carry-on bag.

For e-books, on the other hand, there are students and medical professionals who prefer using these for efficiency and prevent further hassle. Practicality-wise, using e-books is way “cheaper” than those of bulky and heavy books we see in book stores. Imagine ten 1000-page medical or accounting books in a one half-kilo e-book reader or tablet, how’s that for hassle-free student life, ey?  And what is news if it’s read tomorrow, anyway? With wifi-ready e-book reader, news and magazines are just a click away.

Aside from the debatable existence of both, there’s also this matter of production cost. Obviously, printed books cost more because of the resources needed. E-book reader manufacturers, though, spend the bulk of their production cost on the device itself, and from then on everything is digital and a fraction of the cost per book, compared to printed books.

The greater question: Which is more eco-friendly?

Well, clearly, whether the readers love the feel of a new paperback or hardcover book in our hands, paper smell that is fresh from the press or the crisp feel of the pages, and even the smell of the ink, we cannot object to the person doing the reading in which type they choose.

However, in this kind of world we live, where there is environmental degradation, it is best to be conscious of what needs to be acted upon accordingly. We can change the world we live in, not just by tree planting or clearing the roads from garbage, but also by simply shifting from the printed books to e-books.

The world has gone digital for many reasons. These are for convenience, efficiency, shareability, and conservation (of documents, photos and videos). Since e-books unquestionably save paper and therefore trees, it also conserves energy as it takes a lesser toll in electricity consumption in charging.

For an avid reader who reads more than 10 books per year, consider purchasing a device that will let you do other things, like Web surfing or e-mailing, to bring down your overall carbon footprint.

In conclusion, readers actually help the Earth by using their e-book reader devices rather than buying paper books. So after convenience, efficiency, shareability and conservation, they can surely add eco-friendly to the list of digital advantages. While we will miss the wisp of a turning page, it is safe to say that e-books and e-book readers are the green way after all.

Currently, sustainable developer Primavera Residences supports Cagayan de Oro Rugby Football Club as they are gathering educational books for a book donation drive that would benefit schools in remote areas of Papua New Guinea. They will accept encyclopedias, text books, and any other educational materials. As a support to this worthwhile and eco-friendly cause, those who wish to donate may drop off your donations at the Primavera Sales Office at 2/F Primavera Residences, Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City from 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays until the end of the month of February.

Do you have any unused books? Let’s make these once again useful by donating these now and spread the joy of learning to the children of Papua New Guinea.

For more information, visit the official page of Primavera Residences or the CDO Rugby Club Official FB page.

What’s in for Primavera’s FEB-ulous Love Month?



Photo from Bigbang Group of XU

How’s your February so far? We hope it is going perfect. This season of love, Primavera Residences celebrates February in its own way with a range of fun activities and engaging opportunities to the public. Through this, we can enjoy Valentine’s not for just a day, but for the entire month.

Well, let’s rewind a little bit of how Primavera Residences has celebrated the love month so far.

1. Since February 1, Primavera Residences launched its Valentine promo, A Sweet Escapewhich entitles the clients to a free getaway trip to Dahilayan for 4 inclusive of an overnight stay and free rides after the reservation. Dahilayan Forest Park and Resort is a tourist destination that offers an array of fun activities for the whole family, and for all ages.


2. Aside from the advocacies and ongoing opportunities of ITPI, last February 14, Primavera Residences offered a 1-day treat to everyone. Through the #PrimaveraValentineRoses activity, everyone was encouraged to get a rose from Primavera Sales Office and snap a photo with their loved ones as he/she gives the rose.

Valentine Roses Draft


To end the month of love, we are offering a once in a blue moon tour and drive of your life this coming February 25. Just wait, see until it DRIVEs you crazy.

So sit back, relax and like Primavera Residences Facebook page, follow its Twitter and Instagram (@primaveraresidences) accounts for more updates.

Do you want to know more about the multi-awarded eco-friendly Primavera Residences, click here.


Primavera Invites Guests to a Weekly Open House

Mini event january

Do you want to see and experience Italian elegance in Cagayan de Oro’s multi-awarded sustainable condominium?  Primavera Residences invites guests to a weekly open house every Saturdays from 1PM-5PM.

“Experience the condominium lifestyle as we bring forth Cagayan de Oro to a whole new level of living. As a city of growth and advancement, we offer to you the most worthwhile investment you could ever get,” Jun Garing, a real estate expert, said.

Every Saturday afternoon, guests will be treated to snacks, freebies, and a tour of the facilities to view the units of Primavera Residences and enjoy the scenic views from what is considered to be Cagayan de Oro’s highest peak.

“See for yourself why Primavera is a locally and internationally-acclaimed development of Italpinas,” Garing expressed.

Primavera Residences’ developer, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI), an Italian-Filipino real estate firm, specializes in green architecture and design which brought in recognitions and awards globally.

The green building is furnished with energy-saving features such as cantilevers that protect the units from direct sunlight, thereby reducing temperature inside the building, and an indoor courtyard that maximizes natural ventilation and lighting. Solar panels will also be installed at the roof deck by June 2015 to power the building’s common areas. The mixed-use property also employs high-performance design, ensuring that the building will be able to withstand earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

Last year, Primavera Residences was recognized as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines for 2014-2015 by the International Property Awards at the Asia Pacific Property Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

“Grab this opportunity to own a unit at the pioneering condo development in Cagayan de Oro. We only have few units left, that’s for sure,” Garing concluded.

For inquiries about the weekly open house, please call 0917-794-2221, 088-880-5002; or talk to our accredited realty partners and agents.

Do you want to know more about the building? Visit Primavera Residences by checking out our website here.

Italpinas Joins the Nation in Welcoming Pope Francis

(Photo source:
(Photo source:

Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation, an Italian-Filipino joint venture, joins the entire country in welcoming His Holiness Pope Francis on his visit to the Philippines. For the first time in 20 years, the head of the Roman Catholic Church is visiting the Philippines, a country with 100 million people which are predominantly Catholics.

At exactly 5:32pm last January 15, Sri Lankan Airlines A340 plane brought the Pope Francis in the Philippines from Sri Lanka, the first leg of his Asian tour. The plane landed at the Villamor Airbase as bells simultaneously resonated in churches across the country.

The 78-year old Jesuit pontiff waved with all smiles to the excited crowd as they cheered on the runway with their red, white, blue umbrellas forming the Philippine flag.

The highlight of the Pope’s visit in the country is his whole day stopover in Leyte, the province battered last year by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) which affected thousands of Filipinos. He will also have events in Manila Cathedral, University of Santo Tomas (UST), and the Mall of Asia Arena.

(Photo source:

For the complete itinerary of the Pope, please see below:

January 15

5:45 pm – Arrival in Manila, followed by a motorcade to the Apostolic Nunciature, or the Vatican Embassy, along Taft Avenue

January 16

9:15 am – Welcome ceremony in the presidential palace, Malacañang, with a courtesy visit to Philippine President Benigno Aquino III

10:15 am – Meeting with civil authorities and the diplomatic corps, and a speech by Francis; followed by a motorcade to the Manila Cathedral

11:15 am – Holy Mass with bishops, priests, and consecrated persons at the Manila Cathedral; followed by a motorcade to the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City

5:30 pm – Meeting with families at the Mall of Asia Arena

January 17

8:15 am – Departure for Tacloban City, from the Villamor Air Base

9:30 am – Arrival in Tacloban City

10 am – Concelebrated Mass near the Tacloban airport

12:45 pm – Lunch with several Yolanda survivors at the Archbishop’s Residence in Palo, Leyte

3 pm – Blessing of the Pope Francis Center for the Poor in Palo, Leyte

3:30 pm – Meeting with priests, consecrated persons, seminarians, and families of Yolanda survivors at the Palo Cathedral

5 pm – Departure for Manila

6:15 pm – Arrival in Manila, at the Villamor Air Base

January 18

9:45 am – Meeting with leaders of various religions at UST in Manila

10:30 am – Meeting with the youth in the sports field of UST, and a speech by Francis; followed by a motorcade to Rizal Park

3:30 pm – Concluding Mass at Rizal Park, Manila

January 19

9:45 am – Departure ceremony at the presidential pavilion of the Villamor Air Base

10 am – Departure for Rome


More photos of the Pope in the Philippines below:

(Photo source:
(Photo source:
(Photo source:
(Photo source:
(Photo source:


Home for the Holidays

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” as Andy William’s song goes.

Millions of Filipino people currently work overseas. As Filipinos, we  know how painful it is for  OFWs to be working away from their families to help provide them with a better life. And many haven’t seen their loved ones for several years now.

As Filipinos, we always look forward to this season. As parents, we hope for our family to be intact: to take the opportunity to make up from the time we haven’t spent with our children. As kids we looked forward to the joy of the season: all the cool stuff we would get, all the great food and treats, and lots of time to just enjoy the season with the family.

These memories are imprinted into our mind and are revived every year with the sounds and sights of the holidays. For most, it’s a special time of year, one in which we celebrate and connect with those closest to us.

This holiday season, it is best to spend quality time with your kids. Christmas is a good time to teach your family, especially children about values like love, compassion, giving and sharing. This is the perfect time to include the whole family in different Christmas activities like baking cookies, decorating the house and the tree and wrapping up gifts, to mention some.

Come up with games that your family might enjoy. In fact, it is a good idea to go shopping together, where you can make your kids choose their own gifts. Buy groceries together and just enjoy the company you might have missed for a long time.

The key here is to give yourself a break and to spend maximum time with your family. A family Christmas is the best kind of Christmas and once you have had a good one, you will make it a point to enjoy every future Christmas with your family.

Primavera Residences is a family-oriented multi-awarded development in Cagayan de Oro. The building consists of amenities and facilities both parents and children will enjoy. Its location and eco-friendly features add up to what most parents would want in a home—flood-free zone, 24/7 security, and it could save up to 20% of electricity consumption.

Click here to know more about Primavera Residences. 

5 Eco-friendly Holiday Tips for a Green Christmas Season


It’s easy to get “wrapped up” in our traditional ways of decking the halls, but some decorating traditions, however sentimental, may not be so environmental.

The holidays can be one of the most expensive times of the year; from cooking the perfect dinner to preparing your home for your family. If you’ve recently started a family, it’s best if you look for new ways to make Christmas memories that your children will look forward to every year.

It’s not necessary to celebrate holidays with an expensive menu or extravagant decors, you can impart a sense of joy and wonder with an eco-friendly twist. This holiday season, giving love, peace, and quality time to the people who are closest to us are the true reasons for this season.

Well, following these simple tips will help you save money, enjoy your resources, and feel good about the impact your holiday celebrations will make on the environment.

1. Photo and Card Holder

card holder
Photo source:

Make a holder for holiday cards by gluing clothespin to a yard stick or thin stretch of balsa wood. Make sure they are evenly spaced, about 3 inches apart, and wait to dry. Then, spray paint the color of your choice, and clip in your cards. For a little extra holiday flair, top the holder with glitter, rhinestones, or tiny bows. If you want to make it even memorable, you can hang the most outstanding photos of you, your friends and your family.


2. String a smarter light string

Photo source:



Instead of buying more standard holiday lights to replace bad strings (or to try and keep outdoing your neighbor’s massive display), opt for energy-efficient light strings. When they’re made using light-emitting diode bulbs, or LEDs, they’re 90 percent more efficient than traditional holiday lights. LEDs also last longer — up to 10,000 hours compared with 5,000 hours for standard incandescent bulbs.


3. Homemade Wreaths

Photo source:


Not all wreaths require cutting branches off of trees, you can actually make something out from your old dresses and rags making this a great example of a more eco-friendly alternative.
4. Eco-friendly Wrapping Paper

paper gift
Photo source:

Ditch the rolls of wrapping paper and avoid glossy or metallic gift wrap. Instead, check out fabric gift wrap or these creative gift wrap ideas. Use the greeting cards received last year or any other recycled material to make gift tags. For gift bags that come with tags attached, write “Reuse this bag!” on it instead of the recipient’s name. (Just don’t forget who it goes to.)


5. Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Photo source:

Use the cards you received last year, a child’s artwork or your own craftiness to create new Green Christmas cards. Use recycled paper for holiday letters. Or send a family photo with your greeting handwritten on the back.

Want more eco-friendly tips from Cagayan de Oro’s first and only eco-friendly property? Click here.

For more information, visit or You can also call 088-880-5002. 

Things to Consider in Buying Your First Property


Let’s admit the fact that buying your first home is more than a little overwhelming, in fact, it is one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. Your dream home is your asset,but  it is also a major responsibility. To help you on your dilemma, we have put together a buyer’s guide to ease the process.

As you prepare to buy your first home, allow us to explain some factors you are likely to come across.

First and foremost, even before you deal with accredited real estate agents, you will need to work out your budget, which means spending some time studying your finances. Once that is all ironed out and you have an idea of how much you are willing to spend, we can begin weighing in on what to consider in buying a property.

1. Location


A top priority in buying a property is finding the right location. Whether you are purchasing your home as an investment, a lifestyle upgrade or both, one of the most important decisions you will make is where you want to live. Your home’s location will help determine not only the future value of your investment (if you’re planning to sell in the future), but also many aspects of your everyday life. Here are some factors you should also consider carefully when selecting a location according to Amy Fontinelle in Buying a Home: Choose Your Location.

  • Security


Safety is a top concern. You’ll often pay less to live in an area with higher crime rate, but if you’ll have to live in fear or if you one day become a victim, no price discount will be worth it. It may also be harder to resell your home or get a good price for it if you decide to sell.

  • Work proximity

The length of your daily commute can have a significant impact on your disposable income, quality of life and how much time you get to spend at home with your family. How long of a commute can you endure? Are you planning to stay at your current job long-term or do you expect to switch jobs in the near future? If you plan to stay at your current job, how close to work do you want to live? If you plan to switch jobs, what are the job prospects in or near the area where you’d like to live?

  • City vs. Suburb vs. Rural

The setting you choose within the city or town you select will affect the amount of peace and quiet you have, lot size (if you’re buying a house), primary and secondary education options for your children, proximity to shopping, entertainment, medical services and anything else you might want or need, and more.


2. Developer’s Track Record


Before buying your first home, it’s important to research the building’s developer and have a good understanding of their past projects. Work with real estate professionals to find out if the building is sound or not. When you add your findings of the building’s structural integrity to the developer’s track record, you will know if the building is a quality product or not. Do they hand over house keys on schedule? What are the qualities of the units or houses they have sold so far? To find out about a particular developer’s track record, consult the Internet or ask for an opinion from a property consultant.


3 . Management


In buying a property, make sure there is a property management body that would help you go through the proper process in assisting you about your property plans.

Consider safety, maintenance, proper billing process, it is best to say that when buying your first property, there should be that feeling of security that your home and your family is in safe hands.

Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms.

You should also consider a property management body that will take better care of your property. A management body that has been in business for a number of years will have seen it all and will be able to confidently handle any problems that arise with your property quickly and efficiently.

Primavera Residences is the perfect example of what you totally need in buying your first property. May it be an investment or a home, rest assured that all of these considerations are prioritized.

Primavera Residences, a multi-awarded sustainable development, is located in uptown Cagayan de Oro, basically in the prime spot of Pueblo de Oro Business Park.

The developer, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation, is an Italian-Filipino property developer known for its advocacy for, and practice of, sustainable architecture and development which is known of their multi-disciplinary approach (power and real estate) as well as their professional and cultural connections.

Click here to know more about Primavera Residences.