Primavera #HOWLoweenPAWty Costume Contest Winners


Before we bid adieu to this year’s Halloween season, let us cap it off first with an announcement of the October Social media contest winners.

Our social media promo for the month of October is called #HOWLoweenPAWty pet costume contest, in partnership with PetPerk Grooming Services, the premier pet grooming destination in Cagayan de Oro City.  Located at Velez St. in Cagayan de Oro, PetPerk offers pet grooming services and all kinds of items for your pets’ every need.

pet perk

#HOWLoweenPAWty costume contest winners will be receiving the following prizes courtesy of PetPerk:

1st prize: 6 months free grooming services

2nd prize: 3 months free grooming services

3rd prize: 1 month free grooming services

No participating pet will come home empty-handed because Primavera Residences will also be providing treats and goodies to all our furry little contestants.

And now, for the winners.

[drum roll]

On third place, we have a tie!

It’s Whoopi as Little Pug Riding Hood and Pepper the Mummy!



Both garnering a total of 74 votes, Whoopi and Pepper are tied at 3rd place!


On second place, it’s Dixie dressed up as a minion!


Just when you thought you’re already immune to the minions’ popularity, here comes Dixie as an adorable little minion. Dixie the minion originally hogged the top place with 178 Facebook votes, but was unfortunately bumped off in the remaining days of the competition.

And finally, on first place, Bradd the Witch!


Bradd the witch must’ve put a spell on everyone’s hearts because his votes poured in during the last days of voting. The contest ended with Bradd surging ahead with 230 votes as of cut-off period. Way to go, Bradd!

Congratulations Whoopi, Pepper, Dixie, and Bradd!

We would also like to thank and congratulate the runners-up who will be taking home goodies and treats from Primavera Residences.

3Maxxiz as Minnie Mouse!


Mr. Patches as the cuddly little devil

 1Not one but TWO ballerina pugs!


Thank you so much and congratulations to all! Watch out for our next social media contest by tuning in to our official Facebook page and Instagram account (@primaveraresidences).

For the winners (top 3 and runners-up), please send a message via for instructions on how to claim your prizes.

To know more about Primavera Residences, visit or call 088-880-5002.


Join the #HOWLoweenPAWty Pet Costume Photo Contest and Win Special Freebies for your Pets!

It’s always exciting for kids to experience the thrill and fun of trick or treat. However, this Halloween season, it’s time to turn the spotlight to our furry four-pawed family members that we call pets.

Dressing up your pet for Halloween is one of the exciting things you can enjoy with your family, and seeing them trot around in their costume looking so adorable is indeed so much fun. So why not flaunt your costumed pets by joining Primavera Residences’ #HOWLoweenPAWty Pet Costume Contest?


There are three easy steps to do so you can join the fun:

  1. Like the Primavera Residences official page in Facebook.
  2. Submit the photo entries of your costumed pet together with a catchy caption via message to the Primavera Facebook account or through email at
  3. Share your entries in different social media sites using the hashtag, #HOWLoweenPAWty and tag Primavera Residences.


By submitting an entry to this contest, the participant ensures the organizers that the content is original, does not plagiarize from anyone or infringe a copyright or trademark, does not violate anybody’s rights and is not libelous or otherwise unlawful or misleading. Should the organizers or judges receive a report and proof of plagiarism, the entry will automatically be disqualified.

Starting October 4, submit your entries and flaunt your furry little friends. Official winners will be announced on October 25, and three entries with the highest social media votes will be selected to win a pet pampering package and treats courtesy of Pet Perk Grooming.

1st Prize: 6 months FREE Pet Grooming Services

2nd Prize: 3 months FREE Pet Grooming Services

3rd Prize: 2 months FREE Pet Grooming Services

Why wait? Join now and give your pets the best treat that they truly deserve.

Submit your entries now. Hurry!

Primavera Residences is a twin-tower 1o-storey eco-friendly building located at uptown Cagayan de Oro. It recently won as the Best Mixed-Use Development for the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

For more information, visit or call 088-880-5002.

Top 5 reasons Why Young Professionals Love PRIMAVERA

This article is the winning piece from the Marketing Management 61 class of Xavier University Section D. The photo essay was created by the “Guardians of the Galaxy” team which bested four other groups. The original article was posted here


  1.  Convenience should always be a priority and Primavera sure has this on their list. We like to be time efficient as much as possible and it’s easy to achieve it when you’re in the perfect place that serves your ease.  The condominium has access to most of what you will need and to the places that you have to go, from malls, restaurants, and the friendly neighboring sites to the complete amenities that should make their way on top of your list on searching for the right condo.
  2.  It is of great pleasure to stay in an  eco-friendly environment. Primavera carries the banner for the “Green Revolution” that’s sweeping across Pueblo de Oro Township, Uptown Cagayan de Oro’s most progressive communit. This leads us to a beneficial establishment for the people staying in Primavera which brings us to number 3.
  3. When choosing a condominium, one has to be wise and wise will always be in the vocabulary in Primavera. Because of its astounding architectural design and features, Primavera establishes an energy efficient environment directly benefitting condominium residents  with an energy consumption for air conditioning by approximately 32% or around 20% of total energy consumption.
  4. When looking for a condominium, one does not simply ignore the design of the building and the units, whether it is well furnished and if it has all the necessary things a condo must have. Well say no more! Primavera does not only have all those necessities, they also gives us the “ Optimization of space, elegant and minimalist furniture, maintenance of privacy of every single space,  not to mention the view In which youre going to live with when staying.  Macalajar bay or the breath taking mountains here in Cdo, you choose.
  5. Being busy, stressed, and tired will always get in your system but one thing’s for sure, the ambiance of the place that you’re going to wake up with and go home for is definitely a changer. With Primavera, having the sense of  `home’ and the ambiance wherein you can lighten up your mood is definitely there.

Competitive Edge

Aside from the management and technological advantages, Primavera embraces mother nature like no other. The sense of simplicity and the sense of HOME is what they sought through and achieved which makes them stand out from the others. The way they fit in to the sustainable environment and the set of trends they show from the architectural designs and units.

And not to mention the title that they are holding which is the first eco-friendly condominium in the region which gives benefit the community and to the environment.

These are the factors that people should and would want to live in, a place wherein serenity and hospitability is present. The place where we are able to appreciate more what God given nature has to offer and thrive in for a much more ethical, sustainable and healthy environment. Having a healthy environment would mean that you will also have a better time when you stay at home and Primavera sure would make you feel all of these.



Having breakfast conversations are always a good head-start for their day because nothing compares to waking up having breakfast in a fresh ambiance of a place and of you-and-I time


Great view great pool, Fred prefers a dip in the pool before getting ready for work to be able to see things clearer and realize better. That day sure made him realize one thing..  that his life is going to change forever with a simple yes from her.

So he’s thinking.. if he can move the water, he can move her.


A breathtaking view of the world before stepping out to the world would be a great way to prepare for work with Nicole not knowing Fred’s plans for her.


 Nothing compares to having quality time with friends and getting opinions and advices from them. Here, Fred was discussing to his barkada/co-workers what plan was best to do on how to propose to Nicole.


The night finally came, candles, roses and the touch of nature centering the building was  the perfect setting… and with everything set aside, she finally said yes.


Selected photos from the 24 different groups may also be viewed at the Primavera Residences booth in SM City CDO from September 15 to 22, 2014.

For more details about Primavera Residences, go to

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Primavera Residences!


This article is the winning piece from the Marketing Management 61 class of Xavier University Section C. The photo essay was created by the “James’ Angels” team which bested four other groups. The original article was posted HERE.


If someone would have to ask you about your speculations and thoughts about influencing ideas and considerations of buying a condo unit, what would you proudly remark? Do you really find the need and want from within yourself the buzz and fuss you wish to experience when sooner you’ll be enjoying one?

Take the first two (5) reasons- of course, you would want a welcoming, persuasive and relatively chilly room for you to relax whether you’re sleeping, eating and even watching television or movies of your choice with your family, friends and even loved ones. Who would never want to relax witnessing the sun setting by your window with a fluffy sofa at a considerable price for your satisfying experience? We all are!

Moreover, talking about developing an eco-friendly kind of environment and way of living life, it’s better and more interesting when you get the chance to stay in one of these developers. One of them is ITALPINAS; a sustainable real estate developer. Headed by an unusual twist of two great minds, an award-winning Italian architect Romolo V. Nati who is an expert in applying biomimicry into his designs, and lawyer Jojo Leviste, president of two environmental start-up companies. Together they created a new trend and standard in condominiums here in the Philippines and also by being the first movers here in the City of Golden Friendship they paved a way for Kagayanons to continue to enjoy living with nature.


It is true indeed that men cannot survive with bread alone! Against all sorts of calamities and also the effect of global warming today, nowadays we need more than just bread we also need a good shelter. Declaring that looking back at nature is the solution for the survival of men, ITALPINAS applied biomimicry in their design.

Fact is that Primavera in Cagayan de Oro is designed after a mound. Yes you read it right a termite mound! A termite mound is known for its shape and structure for it can maintain a constant temperature inside despite wide temperature swings outside and also for its attribute of optimizing the suns effect. Just like a termite mound it is designed to be flood-proof, earthquake and typhoon resistant. Built with solar panels to be able to maximize energy efficiency and designed with cross air ventilation together with window-shading façade you can enjoy the comfortable cool climate inside without the worries from all those hectic electric bills.



Living in a busy world we find ways t start our morning right! And a breathtaking view can be just the right answer in starting the day. Primavera Residences is located at Upper Carmen, on top of the city, where a building’s height can greatly enhance the view of the horizon. Instead of seeing a busy street and buildings outside your window, you can enjoy watching the facade of the mountain horizon. What more is there to complete a convenient experience? One of the Philippines’ leading supermarkets is located right beside Primavera! You don’t need to go the distance just to shop or buy daily necessities which can really save time and money. Now that’s what you call convenient!



Everyone deserves a good home especially where we can rest our worries. Nowadays it is hard to find a place to find an ideal home that suits our budget. Fact is that size and looks really matters. Good thing that Primavera Residences provides a wide variety of units that can cater your budget. Yes, having our own Italian designed condo unit is possible! Primavera Residence offers you a possible way of acquiring your dream condo unit.

Primavera Residence offers eight floors for residential usage lavishing with diverse unit designs from studio units up to a 2 bedroom designed unit, so what more are you looking for? Who said that only celebrities can enjoy an elegant lifestyle?



Living in a Primavera condo doesn’t only offer elegant lifestyle but is also suits and adapt to your busy lifestyle giving you a stress free and relaxing atmosphere. The Residence offer physical activity venues like the swimming pool and  the fitness gym. Laundry space and drying cage for proper laundry care and convenience. Cafe, Bars, Food court and Restaurant in the ground floor to hang out or to just grab a bite if you’re in a hurry. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without cable TV and high speed internet connection in all rooms for entertainment and social connections.


Cagayan de Oro City today is known as one of the most competitive cities in the world. It is also known as the adventure capital of the Philippines which really depicts the city’s quality of blending with the country’s natural resource. These qualities made way for individuals to want to visit and reside in Cagayan.

Primavera Residence being the first to influence a standard in creating High-rise eco-friendly buildings was able to reflect the same qualities, which is its care for the environment, that entitles to be a perfect residence for individuals residing in a growing city. The City of Golden friendship is indeed ready to start its relationship with real estate. Who said that condo units are only for big cities? It is indeed a residence to love for it achieved its goal as a solution for both men and nature to be preserved. So what are you waiting for?


Selected photos from the 24 different groups may also be viewed at the Primavera Residences booth in SM City CDO from September 15 to 22, 2014.

For more details about Primavera Residences, go to

Join the #Me&Mom Online Contest and Win a Spa Package for Your Mom!



She’s got the gentlest touch that reassures you when you need it most.

She has that sweet smile that makes your day so much brighter.

She has the voice that could either lull you to deep sleep or send chills down your spine (when you’ve done something wrong). 

She gave birth to you, raised you, and never stopped loving you since day one. 

She’s your mom and she’s the best woman in your life. 


This mother’s day, Primavera Residences honors moms everywhere with the #Me&Mom online contest. Simply post a photo of you and your mother in the official Primavera Residences Facebook page and tell us why you have the very best mom in the whole world. One chosen entry will win a relaxing spa package for his/her mother courtesy of Primavera Residences.

Here are the rest of the contest details:

1. The entries must be posted in the official Facebook page of Primavera Residences (see this link: and not in any other Primavera Facebook pages.  Only the entries posted in the official page will be counted.

2. Participants must LIKE the official Facebook page of Primavera Residences for the entry to qualify

3. Judging will be based on the following: 50% — judges’ votes, and 50% — public vote. So share your entries via Facebook and tell you friends to like and share!

4. Contest will run for the entire month of May. The winning entry will be announced on June 2.

5.  An additional prize will be raffled off to moms and kids who will drop by and take photos at the Primavera Residences booth in SM City CDO. To qualify for the additional prize, use the hashtag #me&mom and include Primavera Residences SM booth in the post location.

6. The prize (special spa package) will be claimed at Cagayan de Oro City, so the participants’ moms must be CDO-based.

We look forward to seeing your entries!


Primavera Residences is a mixed-use green property in Cagayan de Oro offering residential, commercial and office spaces. It recently won in the Asia Pacific regional competition of the prestigious International Property Awards for best mixed-use development in the Philippines. To know more about Primavera Residences, go HERE


ANNOUNCEMENT: March Social Media Contest Winners!

primavera social media contest


Hey, are you enjoying your summer yet?

If you’re one of the winners for Primavera Residences’ #AnticipatingSummer social media contest, your summer is about to get even better. Two participants will each win P500 worth of gift checks from SM Department Store.

We have received a total of 56 official entries and these were judged based on the following:

  • 50% — judges’ votes (criteria: uniqueness, creativity, and overall impact)
  • 50% — public vote

So without further delay, we present to you our March social media contest winners:



First winner:



The judges all loved the wonderful combination of sea, sky, and sun, plus the perfectly captured moment between dog and human. As one of the judges puts it, “It represents living in balance with nature to a T.”

Second winner:



Garnering the highest number of likes in the official FB page of Primavera Residences, Mr. de Lara’s entry is undoubtedly the fan favorite.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Gel Abao and Mr. Manny de Lara. To claim your prizes, kindly send us a private message in Facebook.

We’d also like to thank all the participants for joining Primavera Residences’ #AnticipatingSummer contest. Please stand by for updates on our next social media contest. We have more exciting contests coming up!

To know more about Primavera Residences, the internationally-awarded property in Cagayan de Oro, go here

Congratulations to the February Social Media Contest Winner!

Want to win fun and exciting prizes every month? It’s super easy! Just visit the official Primavera Residences Facebook page and join the monthly contests.

For February this year, we asked everyone to send their Valentine selfies with the Primavera Residences building or booth in the background.


We received several entries, but the entry submitted by Mr. Shim Suan and his family won our hearts and garnered dozens of likes from the Facebook community.

Suan family
The winning entry

As the selected February social media contest winner, Mr. Shim Suan and family won a dinner date courtesy of Primavera Residences.

Here are some photos from their family dinner date at Barkadahan Grill in Primavera Residences. The entire family claimed the prize last Sunday, March 30.


2014-03-30 17.53.27_1 (1)

2014-03-30 17.57.39_1 (1)

Thank you so much, Suan family!

Many thanks also to the management and staff of Barkadahan Grill Pueblo for the assistance and support.

Like the official Primavera Residences page on Facebook and stay tuned for our monthly contests and freebies!

Know more about the multi-awarded Primavera Residences by clicking this link. 

Join the #AnticipatingSummer Photo Contest on Facebook

summer photo contest



Excited for summer? I’m sure you are. If you feel like reliving your fun beach photos and jump shots of summers past, feel free to tag the official Primavera Residences page on Facebook and you just might get the chance to win awesome prizes from us.

Here are three simple steps on how you can join:

  1. Like the official Facebook page of Primavera Residences HERE.
  2. Share your summer photos in the page or simply tag Primavera Residences.
  3. Use the hashtag #AnticipatingSummer.

Submit your entries until March 31 and wait for the official announcement on April 2. Winner will get gift checks for his/her summer shopping needs!

Hurry, submit your entries now!


Know more about Primavera Residences, the premiere green building in Cagayan de Oro HERE.

Join the #PrimaveraValentineSelfie Contest

Primavera Valentine Selfie Contest




The month of love is here! It’s the time of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to be syrupy sweet and extra thoughtful in letting the world know how much we love the special people in our lives. And what better way to do this than to join an exciting contest where you could win exciting prizes for you and your Valentine?

This month, join the #PrimaveraValentineSelfie contest and show the world how you and your Valentine are truly made for each other. Joining is a piece of {heart-shaped} cake!

Simply do the following:

1.Take a creative selfie with your Valentine either at the Primavera SM Booth or with the Primavera Building in the background.
2. Submit it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PrimaveraValentineSelfie.
3. Make sure to show the Primavera Residences logo or building in the background and be as creative as possible.
4. Tag the Official Primavera Residences Facebook account ( and like the page to make your submission count.


Remember, “Valentine” is not limited to romantic couples and could also be any loved one including friends, family, and even pets! The best and most creative photo will win a FREE dinner for two!

So hurry, visit our booth in SM City CDO or Primavera Residences in uptown CDO and get those cameras ready!


To know more about the multi-awarded eco-friendly Primavera Residences, click HERE.