Climate Change Demand: Harmonize Urban Design with Nature

Climate change demand harmonize urban design with nature

Many cities are now vulnerable to flooding because of climate change. Cagayan de Oro City itself has experienced extreme weather conditions. How do we prepare or adapt to climate change?

We then thought traveling in the rain was romantic. Our group had just finished a photo shoot in the province of Bukidnon and was cruising down to Puerto. Cut off from the rest of the world for five days enjoying the serenity of the less explored nature of the mountainous province, we were shocked by what nature’s different temperament had wrought on our beloved city. During our absence, the incessant rains, the drops looking harmful and whimsical on our windshield, had slowly submerged the city.

Although Cagayan de Oro and other Philippine cities are not among the top 20 cities vulnerable to flooding in the list released by Nature Climate Change, what we have been through is quite easy proof that a watery future is not too impossible.

The Macajalar Bay on the north and at least two large rivers passing through the city, this is the reality of Cagayan de Oro. The more intense rains – and for the first time, the passage of storms – brought on by climate change were probably not anticipated when the city was developing and now it is caught in a complex of structures vulnerable to the natural disasters.

As what multi-awarded Italian architect Romolo Nati, a lead mover of eco-friendly architecture in the Philippines and developer of the Primavera Residences, the first eco-building in Mindanao, said, there is now a need to build structures that are in harmony with nature. Buildings properly designed can actually withstand nature’s wrath by going with the flow instead of counteracting the forces – pretty much like the pliant bamboo versus the sturdy molave in the classic Philippine literature. While the swaying bamboo is able to recover after a strong wind, the resisting molave is uprooted.

Urban planning has to come hand in hand with innovative architectural designs so that the entire structure and flow of the city is harmonized. One eco-friendly initiative addressing one aspect of climate change is not enough because everything is interrelated.

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What’s the View Like from Primavera Residences?

Testimonial: Rosanna Lim Experience at Primavera Residences

In the days I spent at Primavera Residences  I was able to enjoy wonderful views that took away our stress upon bedtime.

Zaza looks out through the window of our condo unit at Primavera Residences. 


When one decides to buy a place to stay for some time or for the rest of their lives – one should consider what they would see in each and every day of their waking and sleeping. Would it be something inspiring, soothing, or simply enjoyable, giving a nice start to the day.

In the days I spent at Primavera Residences  I was able to enjoy wonderful views that took away our stress upon bedtime. How can I forget that wonderful sunrise lighting our room the next morning and the beautiful lights of the nearby residences all around. The skies showing off the stars before we went to bed was also a very pretty sight.

The unit we stayed in had a wonderful view of the Macajalar Bay. The windows were beside the dining area. While at breakfast we opened the blinds to clearly see the view. We also slid open the windows so we can take a breath of the fresh air of uptown CdO.

Our bedroom windows opened to the view of the different subdivisions nearby. Each side of the building faced different views so when you decide to acquire a unit, consider checking out the different views from the building’s balcony and windows.

When choosing a unit – consider the views from the windows. How much natural light comes in during the day and what view that would inspire you throughout the day.

Testimonial: Rosanna Lim Experience at Primavera Residences

Bedroom of another unit with natural lighting

Testimonial: Rosanna Lim Experience at Primavera Residences

Breakfast by our unit window

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Why Do You Need A Green Inner Courtyard in Your Home?

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

While on a tour at Primavera Residences,  my son, mother and I were brought to a green inner courtyard on the 3rd floor of the Tower A building just a few steps away from a gym and indoor salt-water pool. As our tour guide explained, the inner courtyard improves the building’s natural ventilation.

So, it got me asking. Why is ventilation so important? I figured, since ventilation is an abstract concept – many people do not consider it important. But, as our tour guide explained, good ventilation is very important anywhere we live or work. I did some research on this and what I found out made me admire Primavera Residences even more.

From what I’ve read, poor ventilation leads to an increased risk and/or is injurious to ones health as it forms allergens, bacteria, viruses, smoke, mold, mildew, fungus, and gases, in the atmosphere.So we wouldn’t want that, right?

Primavera Residences has got this planned out. If you hang out at the inner courtyard – you will notice that there is a cross-ventilation layout all the way to the roof top. Air passes through the sides and into the green inner courtyard, where warm air rises towards open space. Also helping to keep things cool is the greenery in the courtyard. Plus, the building’s facade has window shading which minimizes the amount of direct sunlight reaching the units.

What else is to love about the courtyard at Primavera Residences? Besides being cool, with fresh air, you can see the stars at night from there. Lie down on the grass, and make a wish on as many stars you can see.

Green Inner Courtyard at Primavera Residences

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Do You Think Investing in Cagayan De Oro is Worth It?

Why investing in Cagayan de Oro is worth it

Investing in Cagayan de Oro could prove very rewarding.

Living in Mindanao has its perks along with frustrations. No, the frustrations do not come from living in dearth and barbarism. What frustrates me is the huge misunderstanding of the dynamics of the supra-region. First and foremost, we are composed of roughly 28 provinces and 10 cities. When there’s a bombing in one part, headlines go trumpeting ‘Bombing in Mindanao’.


Now going to the perks, I like the fact that because of the scare, the travelers who eventually reach us actually are smart and informed. Or at least are risk-takers and are most often no-nonsense in their approach.

It is pretty much the same with businesses who are bullish in coming over. Despite the negative media coverage of Mindanao that affects the business climate in Cagayan de Oro from time to time, determined investors have continued to keep faith. They are the ones who have proven resilient and dependable, willing and ready to weather through any sticky situations.

Although the bombing in late 2012 and the tensed environment in the 2013 elections caused some cancellations of international and local gatherings that were supposed to be hosted in the city, Cagayan de Oro’s aim to be a conference hub is still fastidious as before. Already, the tourism sector has started to put together a directory of the city’s establishments along with comments and recommendations so that visitors could easily plan their stay in the city.

Investments that support this industry continue to pour in – expansion and rehabilitation of resorts and hotels, establishment of new restaurants and cafes, and professional training institutions for manpower services. ITPI Corp, an innovative company leading green architecture in the Philippines, has put up Primavera Residences the first green condominium  in the city, contributing to the general sustainable real estate development in the Philippines.

Additionally, in the last quarter of 2013, USAid has picked the city to pilot its program initially designed for two years geared to boost investments in the country. With many of its citizens living in the urban centers, the aid institution has thought it appropriate to help in the development of urban investment hubs.

While many babble about how unfortunate it is that we have been lumped together with the conflict-ridden areas in Mindanao, I actually am positive with our situation. Let the others sift through semi-precious stones. The ones that get through to us will get emeralds and diamonds.

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Why is Uptown Cagayan de Oro an Ideal Place to Invest in a Home and Business?

View of Fireworks Show from rooftop of Primavera Residences 21 December 2013

Aside from being flood-free, pollution-free and the fact there is a great view, there are five more reasons Primavera Residences has a great location in Cagayan de Oro.


Primavera Residences, a green architecture landmark in Cagayan de Oro City, is picking up more and more residents and unit owners. Tower A is full and Tower B is almost sold-out even if the construction is still ongoing and the completion is not until third quarter of this year.

“Why?” you might ask. Because Primavera Residences – the first project designed and developed in Cagayan de Oro City by ITPI Corp. (ItalpinasEuroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation), an Italian-Filipino company that develops energy-saving and energy-producing properties in the Philippines, is now the talk of the town because of its green and eco-friendly features.

Executive Chairman and CEO of ITPI Corp., Italian architect Romolo V.  Nati, is an advocate of developing houses and buildings that can withstand typhoons, floods and other calamities due to climate change. He and his Filipino partner, Atty. Jojo Leviste were cited by National Geographic this year as “New Philippine Business Leaders.”

So, why is Primavera Residences situated in uptown Cagayan de Oro? Architect Nati said the company chose uptown Cagayan de Oro – located 110 meters above sea level – because of its good urban planning, better air quality and higher land area.

Aside from being flood-free and pollution-free , I can enumerate 5 more reasons Primavera Residences has a great location:

  1. Stone-throw away from SM City Mall – where you could shop, dine, or unwind.
  2. Restaurants are nearby – Prawn House, Anabel’s Restaurant, Blue Moon Café, Ambrosia Restaurant, Jeanette’s Pizza, Barkadahan Grill, and many more
  3. City’s top private schools – Xavier University High School and Corpus Christi School
  4. Recreational area – Pueblo de Oro Golf Course
  5. Companies – Concentrix, Hotels, and other soon to open companies in the IT Ecozone

Given these reasons, uptown now seems to be the ideal place to invest in a home and business establishment.

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A Personal Tour at the Breathtaking Primavera Residences

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

The tour got me thinking that living in Primavera Residences is perfect and stress-free – a place where you could definitely rest after a long day at school or work in the city.


Before 2013 ended, I felt really privileged to experience the life of living in a modernly designed eco-friendly condominium uptown – Primavera Residences. It is the 1st green building in Mindanao with its structure designed and developed by an award-winning Italian-Filipino eco-development company recognized internationally for its expertise in green architecture – ITPI Corp.

ITPI Corp. (Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation) aims to create a better environment to improve the quality of people’s lives. This project is headed by a multi-awarded Italian architect Arch. Romolo Valentino Nati and Filipino business leader and innovator Atty. Jojo Leviste.

When we arrived at Primavera Residences we were welcomed by the condo building’s accommodating staff. They brought us to our awesome and very spacious two-bedroom unit with an interior that is mixed modern and contemporary. The unit we were in had a fantastic view of the Macajalar Bay and an overlooking view Cagayan de Oro. It had ceiling-to-floor windows that gave us all the fresh air we could get. After we got settled, we took a tour of Primavera Residences.

During the tour we were able to see their green courtyard with natural lighting and ventilation. We got to experience how it cools down the place and how it is so pleasant to just hang out there.

Just a few steps from the courtyard are their indoor salt-water pool and gym. Next – we were then toured to each available unit for rent. There, we were able to check out different interiors each designed by the unit owners. We were told that almost all of the units in tower 1 are sold out – but tower 2 is almost done and will be ready for residents sometime in September. Some of the unit owners also rents out their units, with prices ranging from Php28,000-Php60,000/month.

There’s a rooftop if you would want to hang out and just check out the panoramic city view and breathe-in fresh air. Up there, there are laundry cages installed and I’m told it will also be where the solar panels will be set up. At the ground floor are shops and restaurants for the convenience of the residents. Plus, the building has round-the-clock security system.

The tour got me thinking that living in Primavera Residences is perfect and stress-free – a place where you could definitely rest after a long day at school or work in the city.

Inner Courtyard at Primavera Residences

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

Inner Courtyard at Primavera Residences

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

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How Do We Develop a Breathing Space in the City?

How to survive urban growth

Who in the city has not experienced traffic jams? Is there any way we can make urban growth friendlier to nature, and to our peace of mind?

I hate commuting during rush hour. Who doesn’t? Sitting in the jeep, a sweaty armpit could rub against my shoulder. Should you have the misfortune of sitting to someone with long hair who is too insensitive to tie it with a band, prepare to be suffocated with that dirty mass of strands.

Reflecting on these scenarios, I have come to realize that these microcosmic instances are actually reflective of what’s happening in the bigger environmental scope. The space in the jeepney is like the space we live in. We cram ourselves into this space even when it is against our nature which is to be free and mobile. Why? Well, because there is the need to transport ourselves from one place to another. In pretty much the same way, people are migrating to urban centers from the rural areas. The economic movement is there. And in this migration, the natural dynamic of beings and of the environment is forgotten, worse, consciously set aside.

As people try to cram themselves into the small spaces of urban centers, the breathing space of nature is reduced. Human needs for comfort take priority, mindless if this is against the law of nature. So now, we are beset with climate change. We latched on mother nature’s resources too fast, too mindless. Can we still do something?

Maybe. We need to go back to the fundamentals – to what is environmentally sustainable. It does not mean we need to go back to the basics. We have come a long way in technological advancement so that we actually have the facilities to bring back the balance between man and nature. There is, for example, a move for a green architecture in the Philippines promoted by sustainable real estate development in the country. Locally, we have the Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly building in Mindanao. Advancing eco-friendly architecture in the Philippines, the building was designed according to the patterns of nature. Where would sunlight beat the most? Where would the shadows be cast? How can the structure maximize the natural movement of air.

I believe that if we rethink properly our behaviors, it is not impossible to eventually go back to a life in harmony with nature. After all, we had been part of it and we should be part of it.

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Putting a Cap to Your Energy Bills by Living in a Smart Building

Green Inner Courtyard

Look for green architecture in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. Primavera Residences, the only eco-friendly and smart building in Mindanao, is an elegant landmark in the city’s landscape and progress.

Padding bills, setting limits for consumption – these are all the rave in the marketing of companies right now. Because of these limits, we become very conscious of our every move, checking now and then if we have hit the limit or if we still have room for more activities. What if there are ways to cut bills without necessarily limiting our movements?

I am not talking about mindless consumption. We all need to be conscious and smart in the reality of finite resources. But there can be more freedom to go about some of our activities or meeting our needs without having to think of the costs related to these. Energy consumption, for example, is really a headache.

During the energy crisis in Mindanao before, I was amazed to learn that the cost of my activities actually go up somewhere towards midday and once more somewhere at night. It is not such a huge mystery actually. Normally towards midday is the hottest part of the day. People who are normally afraid to crank up their electric bills give in to their sweating and turn on the fan or the air conditioner.  It is also around this time that some people would be cooking their lunch, adding to the heat inside the homes. How can this be helped then?

The design of the structure where you are doing all of these activities is a big factor. In the sustainable real estate development in the Philippines, already there is a move for green architecture. Green architecture does not necessarily mean using only recyclable materials as what some people think. Green architecture merely means the design of the building is in harmony with nature and the environment.

The Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly building in Mindanao, for example have smart green buildings. Pioneering eco-friendly architecture in the Philippines, it designed its buildings based on nature. These are some of the features their buildings have:

  1. There is a hollow column in the middle of the building to allow air to circulate easily. Hot air naturally rises up so the movement of the air can contribute to the breeze inside the buildings.
  2. The buildings also have an underground airpath in addition to the column.
  3. Extended ledges are added to the façade so that when the sun hits these sides of the building, shadows can be formed to shade and cool the rooms located on that side.

Other innovative designs can be considered. It is just a matter of studying our environment – and instead of manipulating with it, we work with it and maximize its nature.

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Blogger Sanna Experiences Green Living In Uptown Cagayan de Oro

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

Living uptown for a few days was a totally stress-free experience. Knowing you are safe from flood and surely enjoying a pollution-free environment was a different living from what we were used to for years.

As we turn over this new leaf this year, you might want get a hold of the green living at Primavera Residences. I got to experience it first hand before 2013 ended, and it was something I couldn’t get out of my system. It is the living I would want to have, for my family, in the near future. Living there for two days changed my perspective of how our lives should be lived and how families should really consider having a list of practicalities and what-to-have’s for one’s family when acquiring a home.

Being Typhoon Sendong and Pablo survivors for one, Primavera Residences’ current location seemed to be the ideal place to invest a home in. Its current location is situated 110-meters above sea level so it is flood-free and for me it is pollution-free. The fresh air and ambiance is unlimited!

Living uptown for a few days was a totally stress-free experience. Knowing you are safe from flood and surely enjoying a pollution-free environment was a different living from what we were used to for years. Being a survivor of a few of the biggest storms in our city is traumatic and having the peace of mind living in a place where you are sure no flood is going to get you – that surely is something one would want to achieve for your family for sure.

Our first morning at the unit we stayed in at the 9th floor of Primavera Residences was totally an awesome experience one wouldn’t want to exchange for anything. With a breathtaking view of the Macajalar Bay which we woke up to with and that all the fresh air – it was a marvelous good morning greeting from the universe, from Primavera, and the pizza parlor at the ground floor – Jeannette’s Pizza – who delivered our food right at our doorstep.

The peace, fun, and the ease – you should try to check out. Maybe rent a place at Primavera for starters or even just a few days. It’ll definitely change your perspective of real living.

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

Testimonial - Rosanna Lim experience at Primavera Residences

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