Primavera Condo Corp. Names New Board of Directors

Primavera Residences Condominium Corporation (PRCC) has officially announced the election’s result of the board of directors 2017-2018.

Last May 20, 2017, the election was participated by the unit owners of Primavera Residences. In the election procedure, only five candidates who have highest votes can be elected for the position of the board of directors.

The following are the elected officials and their designation:

President: Atty. Gael Paderanga

Vice President: Antonio Damiani

Secretary: Gisselle Mantilla

Treasurer: Harold Dacumos

Auditor: Olive Gonzales

Meet the board of directors for the year 2017.IMG_3246

From left: Atty Gael Paderanga, president, Antonio Damiani, vice president, Gisselle Mantilla, secretary, Harold Dacumos, treasurer, and Olive Gonzales, auditor.


About Primavera Residences

Primavera Residences is considered as the first and green mixed-use development in the region of Northern Mindanao. Due to its overwhelming success, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), a PSE-listed developer of Primavera Residences, launched a follow-up project, Primavera City.

Learn more about the latest green project of IDC at


Primavera Residences Hosts Regional Chess Tournament

A chess tournament that involved 100 participants coming from private and public schools in Northern Mindanao region, was held at Primavera Residences, May 27, 2017.

The competition was made successful through the efforts of the Fraternal order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles)-OPOL EAGLES CLUB and Explore Misamis Oriental.





Did you know? Primavera Residences is the first condominium and green development in the region of Northern Mindanao. It is also the first condominium built in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, one of the booming districts of the city. The development has received market acceptance that led Italpinas Development Corp. (IDC) to set a follow-up development, Primavera City.

Primavera City is expected to be the future landmark in the city of Cagayan de Oro. It is designed as a seven tower development, where the final tower to be built is envisioned to be a high rise hotel.

Do you want to know about Primavera City? You may visit its website at

Uptown Cagayan de Oro: A Lifestyle Haven in Northern Mindanao

This article originally appeared in BusinessWeek Mindanao February 4 issue in the column Out of the Biz Box.

uptown cdo primavera

I was first introduced to CdO in October 2011 when I was invited by a delegation of foreign entrepreneurs and Filipino business owners. I flew to the “Garden of the Philippines” without any expectations and as open minded as possible. Family, friends and neighbours were very dubious about me flying to Mindanao with all the stories we get to hear in national and international media but such things never had too much effect on me. After 5 years spent living in the Middle East I could tell the difference between common belief and reality. The fact that there was a renowned Italian Architect building a classy condominium was reason enough for me to be confident and start my travel with a healthy enthusiasm.

My travel companion was an American seasoned real estate professional with years of rewarding experience in California for one of the biggest international agencies like CBRE. He knew the ins- and outs of land and community development thanks to his 25 years of experience in real estate. Both actually had lots in common and shared our near to similar horror stories with our respective ex-wives so we got on very well and could relate to each other.

After landing at the old Lumbia airport we visited the city in downtown, the port facilities and then got back to Pueblo de Oro Business Park in Uptown, saw the golf course, SM and the then lonesome showroom of Primavera Residences which had just started construction back then. After driving around Uptown all afternoon I noticed a strange sparkle in my American companion’s eyes. He knew that this was the place to be, the place to invest and the place to focus on in town.

After 4 years and extensive travel in the region I realise that my American companion was absolutely right. Uptown is indeed the Makati of Northern Mindanao, still underrated though but well recognized by those who count and can afford to live in upper class communities like Xavier Estates. Be it the Filipino family or the retired foreigner, if lifestyle is to be identified with good air, flood-free, spacious communities, accessible shopping facilities, little or no traffic and lots of nature then Uptown is the place to be. I also realised that CdO enjoys the best weather of the Philippines and is at the same time served by the freshest fruits and vegetables from Bukidnon. Hospitals are equipped and competent so there is nothing missing in town. No wonder there are plenty of elderly foreigners populating the subdivisions there with their families and/or Filipino wives/husbands. Americans, Germans, Swiss, British, Italians, Koreans, Japanese and even Indians are clear proof of where the Western standard has set itself to be.

There are rumours that several lots in Uptown’s Pueblo de Oro are going to be developed with new office and residential buildings which will bring even more life into the already thriving community. Every morning and evening people are flocking to Pueblo near SM to run, cycle, play volleyball and gather among friends as it is literally the only place that offers ample spaces. On weekends there are even families gathering for picnics among other physical exercise and it’s all good signs of a breeding community. Events, shows and exhibitions are also being held at SM.

Beyond barangay rivalries you can now hear young people saying: “I am from Uptown” giving it a new sense of identity for the Uptown citizen. I would not be surprised to see an Uptown basketball or soccer team rising soon. This should bring new wind to the sails of the Uptown stakeholders and all those entrepreneurs thinking of setting up businesses in the area. With BPO’s thriving all over the Philippines and Savills even thinking of opening a CdO office, the time is right to take Uptown to the next level. The successful example of Primavera Residences bringing new condo lifestyle to the city and representing the very first condominium in town will drag more investors to the community. There is nowhere else to be identified as the place where superior lifestyle marries with modern design and accessible shopping facilities. I am aware that there is still some people who prefer the chaotic, polluted and flood prone downtown but for me Uptown is the place to be.