Uptown living now a rising lifestyle in CDO

Uptown Living in Cagayan de Oro City

When Cagayan de Oro was granted a city status more than half a century ago, it probably was not envisioned to be the busy hub it is now. Although still a city that sleeps at night, it becomes uproarious when it wakes. Rush hours could find you finishing an entire section of candy crush stuck in traffic. And the heat and dust could leave you weary after walking only a block in the city center. And when the rains come, the drainage can sometimes be a problem.

But, not to be discouraged by these things, we have built ourselves a nice and comfy hub away from the hub – if I can put it that way. Uptown living – that is, geographically the high places, and now even socially speaking, in Cagayan de Oro – is now a rising lifestyle. Let me give a short rundown of what this Uptown Cagayan de Oro City is all about.

Where to stay in CDO

Although most of the hotels, inns and resorts are in downtown Cagayan de Oro, two of the most luxurious hotels are in the upper part of the city. One is Hotel Koresco which is located within the Pueblo de Oro Golf Estates, and the other is Pryce Plaza Hotel, located in Upper Carmen, majestically overlooking the entire city. Guests staying a week to a month can now opt to stay at Primavera Residences which offers condotel services.

Where to shop in CDO

While Centrio, a new addition to the Ayala Malls nationwide, is the busiest place for shopping and a favorite hangout among the youngsters, if you want a laid-back browsing, SM City, which started to lull when the airport was transferred to the town of Laguindingan, is a good alternative. Very good brands such as Maldita, Body Shop, and Neutralizer can be found in the mall – and you can browse with less competition.

Where to eat at in CDO

The bulk of restaurants and cafes are still of course in downtown Cagayan de Oro. But the uptown community is not far behind. Prawn House, located in Pueblo de Oro, is a must in any food trip in the city. Also in the vicinity are the two restaurants at the Primavera Residences – Jeannette’s Pizza, Pasta and More, serving their unique home cooking styled pizza, and Barkadahan Grill, another homegrown restaurant famous for its pork belly.

To top it off, white water rafting, among the top CDO attractions, usually starts in Barangay Dansolihon, further on from the old Lumbia airport.

For sure, in time, the residences that are being built in this area would be of great value. They have already increased in value after the geo-hazards map had been released by the MGB who assessed the city in view of the climate change. I just hope they have a better foresight than the planning – if there had ever been – in downtown Cagayan de Oro so the future would not see congestion and confusion again.

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