Why a Condo Unit is the Best Graduation Gift

Condo Grad Gift_03072015

It’s always exciting to see someone graduate from school—especially a college graduate who feels liberated from school and eager to start a new career. Graduating is exciting as it is terrifying especially when one starts to be independent.

Yes, there is no question that the best investment parents can give to their children is equipping them for the future—the gift of education. But what happens after graduation? As their child goes through the “real world”, worrying in silence would be very excruciating. Parents want nothing but the best for their children and for graduation, they would probably give their child the best gift ever.

Well, here are some reasons why a condominium is the best gift ever.

Worthy investment

Buying a condo unit as a graduation gift is a worthy investment for both parents and children. Not only that it could be considered a second home but also making sure that your child is in a place that is convenient and secure even if you decide to let him go.

In the Philippines, condo units are reasonable with its easier and efficient modes of payment. Why not help your newly-grad with the down payment or the deposit if it’s a rent? When he lands on a job, tell him to chip in. This way, your child becomes responsible enough to handle such investment. A condo unit will not only be a real estate investment but an investment into his character and sense of responsibility.

The reality of adulthood

Dependency is over and slacking’s done. Sooner or later, when your child gets his diploma, he will have to face reality and start doing things on his own.

Buying him a condo means driving him to get his act together. Through proper guidance and timing, you’ll be amazed on how independence can do to a child. Also, with significant amount of supervision, your child will soon live responsibly and maturely.

As parents, come prepared with your list of what-to-bring, from kitchen wares to appliances, when he starts living on his own. Living away from your comfort zone is no easy task, but at the same time, there is no better training than getting your hands a little dirty.

Financial responsibility

When your child takes off from college, you would want him to become financially responsible and independent. Though it will be challenging but it sure is worth it. We cannot keep away from the fact that sooner, when he lands a job, he will feel the need to reward himself every payday and might spend on things that do not help him to become financially stable someday.

If he owns a condo or rents one, he will value every peso he spends since he has bills to pay. Little will you know that he will be responsible enough to save electricity and water consumptions and manages his social life.

This way, you’re teaching him to be financially responsible and how to save for the future. He will know the value of hard work and ensure himself of a better life ahead.

For a better future

Giving a newly-grad a condo helps him become responsible of his own space and own life. It will help him grow maturely and responsibly as a professional. Most importantly, he will have a better chance at living the life he knows he deserves.

How’s this kind of “congratulations” for your child’s future?


This March, Primavera Residences offers special discounts worth P70,000 to its condominium buyers. In addition, buyers with graduating family members may also avail of an additional P5,000 worth of gift certificates which can be claimed at Bigby’s SM City CdO branch.

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