Why Pursue a Career in Sales?

Sales Career

Are you tired of your current work? Do you feel that you’re not growing with your career? Or do you feel that you could accomplish more and earn a lot in the process?

Everyone aspires to land a high-paying job. While most of us decide to earn a living overseas to elevate the living standard of our families, others choose to stay in our country and explore different career opportunities locally.

Whether you’re just leaving school, finding opportunities limited in your current position or, like many in this economy, facing unemployment, it may be time to consider your career path. By learning how to research options, realize your strengths, and acquire new skills, as well as muster the courage to make a change, you can discover the career that’s right for you.

Even if you’re trapped in a position you don’t love, with no realistic opportunity for change, there are still ways to find more joy and satisfaction in what you do.

If you’re looking to experience life in the fast lane, sales careers can offer people high rewards, plenty of travel and exciting challenges. A career in Sales can also provide opportunities to gain professional training and recognized qualifications.

Sales skills are highly transferable, and a successful sales career often open doors to management positions. Most of the high paying jobs in the Philippines are in companies with professional salespeople.

Sales professionals use problem-solving skills to understand, anticipate and meet customers’ needs. Their solutions involve selling one or more of their products or services to customer ranging from private individuals to governments and international businesses.

Real Estate Selling

According to the report from GMA News, the retail real estate in the Philippines is among the key growth areas in Southeast Asia. Its increasing middle class segment, positive economic growth outlook and growing tourism activities has brought the Philippines, along with SEA countries Vietnam and major cities in Indonesia and Malaysia, a key growth market for real estate.

According to the study made by Trading Economics, in October 2014, the employment rate is estimated at 94%, greater from 93.6% in 2013. This means that in the Philippine setting, there are higher opportunity rate since investments are rising in the country.

Cited as the 2nd Most Competitive City in the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro City has rising real estate market. Most developers enter the city for its sound and serene environment which the higher class is looking for an investment.

Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-development Corporation (ITPI) is an Italian-Filipino company that designs and develops sustainable property developments nationwide and Primavera Residences, its flagship development in CdO, recently won in the 2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The locally- and internationally-acclaimed developer offers once in a lifetime high-impact real estate sales seminar and workshop with a distinguished master of real estate selling. Join now and be part of the highly competitive list of future salespeople. This 3-day seminar will tackle the topics on:

  • How to tap the global market
  • Lifestyle selling for the Lock and Leave mobile society
  • Investment selling
  • Buyer-based selling for a discriminating market
  • What distinguishes a great sales person from the average and good sellers

Master the art


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