PRIMAVERA RESIDENCES is a multi-awarded Mixed-Use Building combining retail, commercial spaces, office and hospitality elements with classic residential condominium units. Retail spaces and shops are located at the ground floor, commercial and office spaces at the second floor, and the eight remaining floors are designed for residential and hospitality. Infusing modern features and facilities with eco-friendly architecture, Primavera Residences offers a fresh take on everyday living at the heart of Uptown Cagayan de Oro. Located in the master-planned Pueblo de Oro Business Park, the twin towers offer a breathtaking panorama of majestic sunrise and sunsets, picturesque northern Mindanao hills, and a gorgeous view overlooking the bustling downtown area and the Macajalar Bay. Italian elegance and interiors, an eco-friendly design and the best location in the city promise a superior lifestyle for its residents and guests who can truly feel at home in the general comfort and security of Primavera.

Located in uptown Cagayan de Oro, at its rising location, our innovatively designed twin towers are built with the beauty of Italian architecture and the principles of sustainability in mind.

Choose to live in a backdrop where sophistication resonates all over.


  • SM City Mall
  • Pueblo Golf Course
  • St. Francis Xavier Chaplancy
  • Xavier University School
  • Corpus Christi School

Living in a condo gives you easier access to amenities such as a swimming pool, function halls, gardens, and a gym. Primavera Residences gives you the freedom and convenience to visit these amenities any time for your relaxation needs. This is just one of the many reasons why a number of the working population choose condo units over single-detached homes. Not to mention all these help the building’s electricity consumption lower its costs.

* Swimming Pool
* Gym
* Green Inner Courtyard
* Solar panels at the rooftop
* Offices at the second floor
* Restaurants at the ground floor
* Indoor & Outdoor Multi-purpose Hall