On Business Week Mindanao: Italpinas Growing Fruit Trees for Sendong Victims

Green Earth

THE award winning developer of Primavera Residences is extending its advocacy for an eco-friendly lifestyle from design and construction to actively growing fruit trees to help curb global warming.

Last March 16, 2013, Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation, joined hands with Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Philippines Community Development/Partnership Department to undertake the planting and growing of fruit trees in two of Habitat’s resettlement sites for Sending victims: Calaanan 2B and Calaanan 3 Extension.

“We are undertaking this tree growing activity with HFH Philippines as part of our commitment to promote a sustainable lifestyle,” said Romolo V. Nati, Italpinas chairman and president. “Beyond constructing the first real green building in Northern Mindanao with Primavera Residences, we wish to share our advocacy for a sustainable lifestyle with other like-minded organizations like HFH Philippines and their home partners who were victims of Sendong.”

“This is part of our mission to create a safe, clean and green environment,” said Melva B. Gontinas, ComDev / Partnership Building, HFH Philippines. HFH Philippines has constructed permanent concrete houses for its home partners affected by the Tropical Storm Sendong flash flood in the two sites. “This is just a beginning, we will continue with the advocacy of growing trees for all HFH Philippines construction sites for a safe, clean and green environment that is resilient from man-made and natural calamities.”

One hundred (100) fruit bearing seedlings of five varieties (Rambutan, Nangka, Guyabano, Marang and Mango) requested by the home partners were provided by Italpinas under its Social Responsibility Project dubbed “Go Green, Plant a Tree”, said Gladys Ivy M. Echano, Italpinas Sales and Marketing Director.

Some 30 of Italpinas’ office staff, accredited brokers and their sales personnel joined the HFH Philippines CDO team for the whole day activity.

“We wish to invite other organizations who advocate a sustainable lifestyle to join forces with us so we can share our vision for clean and green living not only within Uptown Cagayan de Oro but in other areas as well,” said Mr. Nati.

Featured in Business Week Mindanao, 11 April 2013