With this year’s theme: “The Regional Economic Landscape is Changing,” Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDCTM) CEO, Architect Romolo Valentino Nati, has been invited to participate as one of the panelists at the Mindanao HR and Business Summit 2019, that will be held next on the 8th of April in Cagayan De Oro City.


IDC’s Primo Consiglieri, Dr. Joey P. Leviste Jr., launches book at Primavera Residences


Italpinas Development Corporation’s Primo Consiglieri (Senior Advisor) and now an author, Dr. Jose P. Leviste Jr., has launched his very own book titled “If the Philippines had a Lee Kwan Yu” last April 21, 2016 at Primavera Residences, Pueblo de Oro, Uptown Cagayan de Oro.


The event started with cocktails and was attended by special guests; among them were Mr. Antonio Samson (IDC Vice Chairman), Arch. Romolo V. Nati (IDC Chairman/COO) and Miss Earth England 2015 Miss Katrina Kendall together with her mother, Miss Floramae Kendall.


Dr. Jose “Joey” P. Leviste Jr. shared with the audience his experience in Singapore and how this has inspired him to create this book – a collection of articles and discourses written by the brightest minds of our country as a tribute to Lee Kwan Yu.

The title “If The Philippines Had a Lee Kuan Yew” evokes dashed dreams – a certain disenchanment with our 21st century history as a nation; but it also arouses bright visions – optimism and confidence iin the near future – depending on where you stand in the ideological spectrum.

“Tiger Joey” has assembled a powerful primer – the most incisive collection of vignettes by Filipino scholars and opinion leaders on the singular story of the City-State of Singapore and the leader who made it so. The challenge is not to compare but to be creative – Lee Kuan Yew knew that his country had few natural assets, but he was able to make Singaporeans believe in their potential and bigger role in our globalized world.” an excerpt from the back of the book by Fidel V. Ramos – Former President of the Philippines



During the event, we had the chance of listening to some of the book excerpts gracefully read by CDO’s very own Miss Earth England Katrina Kendall, who also experienced the life of Singapore. After which, some of the audience won copies of the book with an autograph by the author himself.


Together with Dr. Leviste, IDC envisions a bright future for the Philippines and for Cagayan de Oro. This is why its new groundbreaking project, Primavera City, has been designed to be a cut above the rest. The said project is to be launched at the end of 2nd quarter this year.

To know more about IDC’s latest project, you may visit or follow us at for the latest updates.

14 ways to go green this Valentine’s day


If Facebook forced me to define my relationship with Valentine’s Day, I’d have to select “it’s complicated.” On one hand, it’s a good excuse to go on a sugar-high-fueled glittery-pink-heart-shaped spree of sharing the love.

On the other hand, Valentine’s Day has become a horribly shopping-driven holiday that encourages us to commodify our relationships and evaluate how much we’re loved by how much someone spends on us. Not to mention that it creates a lot of trash from wasteful packaging and cards that may not even make it to the recycling bin.

So, to reconcile these two impulses, I’m offering this list of ways to share the love with everyone you adore without hating on the environment.

1. Make an edible Valentine

© Margaret Badore

Vegan treats will sweeten the day without the waste–since they’ll definitely be devoured. Consider homemade Sweetheart sugar cookies or chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling.

2. Avoid e-waste cards

That singing card might be charming, but e-waste is less cute.

3. Buy fair-trade and rainforest friendly chocolate

If you’re single or not, this day will involved some sort of chocolate for many people, but cocoa farming is associated with some serious ethical and environmental problems. That’s why it’s important to stick with fair trade chocolate.

4. Craft a recycled Valentine

An old-fashioned homemade Valentine can be way more meaningful than something you find in a store. Consider turning scrap paper, pressed flowers, or fabric scraps into cool, handmade cards and tokens of affection, like these cute cardboard hearts from the Five and One blog.

5. Shop your closet

That scarf you’ve never worn? That book you’re not going to re-read? Consider re-gifting. Or check out Gifteng, a site that helps you give and receive in your area.

6. Think local

If you’re going to do some gift shopping or eating out, consider supporting a local business instead of a big chain. You can also look for locally made products. For example, I recently discovered Bixby chocolate, made here in New York state with ethical cocoa.

7. Look for organic flowers

Rosa y Dani/CC BY 2.0

If flowers are a must, look for organically grown options because cut flowers can be particularly drenched in toxic pesticides. If you’re not sure about your local florist, you can also order online from Organic Bouquet.

8. Consider a potted plant

Even better than cut flowers, why not give a plant that will last longer than a week? Here are recommendations for houseplants that don’t need much water.

9. Choose sustainable wine

When it comes to picking a wine, look for the organic label or the Rainforest Alliance seal. Learn more about eco-friendly wines here.

10. Select ethical jewelry

© The Nozomi ProjectI love jewelry that comes with a beautiful story. If jewelry is the only way to delight your beloved, consider browsing Helpsy’s selection or supporting the Nozomi Project.

11. Send the perfect .GIF

It definitely won’t end up in the waste bin.

12. Be a green lover

You may want to opt for vegan protection, to keep things smooth with organic ingredients, to get good vibes without phthalates or have fun with plastic-free play.

13. Cuddle

Not only does it feel good, it’s good for your health.

14. Do something extra nice.

Maybe it’s making dinner for your mom or maybe it’s taking out the compost for your roommate. Maybe it’s just calling that friend you haven’t heard from in a long time. I’m sure you can think of something nice to do for the people you care about, and that’s what this day should really be all about.

Lumbia Elementary School Banduria Group Shines in Primavera Event


Talent is God-given and these kids sure have it.

With persistence, enthusiasm and passion, the group of pupils from Lumbia Elementary School take pride in their gift in playing banduria, a plucked chordophone primarily known to be the instrument of the Philippine folkloric songs.

Two years ago, when Ms. Vilma Larede, one of Lumbia Elementary School’s talented and supportive teachers, saw the students’ interest and ability to learn how to play banduria, she founded the group which is now known as the Lumbia Elementary School Rondalla.

“I am not only passionate about teaching these children, I’m also very honored to give them more of what I think I can impart to them—strengthen their talents and mold them into better individuals as they grow up,” Larede expressed.

The banduria players, some of whom came from Xavier Ecoville Resettlement Site after Typhoon Sendong hit their respective homes last 2010, continue to hone their talents in playing the instrument, while more kids from the school convey their interest in joining the group. However, lack of funds to buy more instruments for training is still the biggest hurdle that stands between them and their goals.

“The kids have grown to be passionate with their music. In fact, lack of funds doesn’t stop them from doing what they love to do. Their passion inspired teachers and parents to actively reach out to the public to solicit funds for the kids’ instruments,” Joy Talirongan, Lumbia Elementary School Principal, said.

One of the teachers, Mrs. Ramos, helped in soliciting funds for the group. Currently, four instruments came from Mrs. Ramos’ efforts and two more came from the Pedro Calungsod Foundation. The purchase of six additional banduria were made possible by the donations coming from kind-hearted, generous individuals. To date, the group is still accepting banduria donations for their ever-growing pool of talents.

“I am really happy that Ms. Jane Duterte of Primavera Residences appreciated these kids’ passion to play banduria,” Talirongan expressed.

Last September 26, 2014, as Primavera Residences celebrated the Topping Off ceremony of its second tower, the Rondalla of Lumbia Elementary School conducted their first ever out-of–school performance in the event attended by huge names from different industries in the Philippines and abroad.

“It was an experience I will never forget and these kids will treasure it the most. I do hope they [kids] have inspired many to appreciate the beauty of Filipino folk music,” Larede expressed.

Primavera Residences first came across the delightful group during their performance at the launch of the school-based feeding program where Primavera was one of the sponsors.

“Seeing these kids and hearing them play is indeed very inspiring. Despite the challenges they are facing, they continue to embrace their music with such passion. For that we’re very happy to have them in our event, and we hope to see more of them in future activities,” says Jane Duterte, PR and Marketing Manager of Primavera Residences.

Primavera Residences is a twin tower, ten-storey mixed used property located in uptown Cagayan de Oro City. It was recently awarded as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the Asia Pacific Property Awards. Units are available for sale or for rent.

For inquiries, call 088-880-5002 or visit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Celebrate August with a Month-long “Fiesta sa Primavera”

Fiesta sa Primavera 2014

Kagay-anons unite this August as Cagayan de Oro celebrates its biggest festival – the Higalaay: Kagay-an Festival 2014, where people are encouraged to seek out friends and make new friends in the City of Golden Friendship.

This August, Primavera Residences celebrates the festival in its own way with a range of fun activities for the public:

  1. We all love discounts. Who isn’t? Yes, Primavera Residences is having an August Rush promo where property buyers can avail of up to Php 50,000 discount in all available units. And guess what? You can pay it off for up to 20 months! Hurry, because this promo is up until the end of the month only!
  2. Since August is this city’s most awaited time for tourism, Primavera Residences is inviting travel and tours companies for a 1-day event at the Primavera Sales Office. This Tourism Partners’ Day is a day where we capture the hearts of these people as they enjoy the beauty of Primavera Residences.
  3. This August 9 & 16, Smart Communications Inc. invites everyone to join their 2-Saturday seminar on photography. Esteemed photographer from the city will be speaking about the basics of festival photography using mobile phones. Wouldn’t this be exciting? Prepare to fill your minds with creativity and imagination.
  4. Wait for more surprises as SM City CDO and Primavera Residences will entice you this August 15-17 for the SM Fiesta Sale. We, at Primavera Residences, have some surprises for you at our booth in SM. We will be giving “noteworthy” freebies for you. Also on August 25, SM City CDO will have the annual spectacular pyro festival, which will showcase their well-choreographed fireworks. In line with this, Primavera Residences invites everyone to a cocktail event at Primavera’s roof deck as we enjoy all the colored lights in the sky. Enjoy the colors!
  5. Primavera Residences is also holding a grand bazaar on August 16, from 2PM to 9PM. Select shops and establishments will be setting up booths at its ground floor, and will sell food items, clothing, accessories and even fresh produce at affordable rates. Entrance is free.

This is how we celebrate August in this competitive and promising city.

This August, it’s fiesta time at Primavera every day!

Are You Ready for this Year’s Higalaay Kagay-an Festival?

festival schedule-01

HIGALAAY, the visayan word for FRIENDSHIP, is the central theme for Cagayan de Oro’s city fiesta. Being the City of Golden Friendship, it is but appropriate at this time of the year to celebrate friendships new and old in honor of the city’s patron saint St. Augustine.

So, are you ready for an entire month of festivities? Check out what’s in store for Kagay-anons and tourists this August!

  1. The Mindanao Fashion Summit

    From August 8 to 10, fashion designers from the different parts of Mindanao will display their respective Mindanaoan Collections in an all-out fashion extravaganza with the theme “Local Designs – Global Impact”.

  2. Kumbira

    What’s a fiesta celebration without food? Kagay-anons sure know how to celebrate festival season with the KUMBIRA (a local word which means “feast”). Now on its 18th year, the longest-running culinary show in the entire country is back with the theme: Throwback @ 18: Looking Back… Cooking Forward.” From August 13 – 15, the three-day event features food exhibits, seminars, and exciting competitions participated by food enthusiasts, restaurants, hotels, resorts, culinary schools, and professional chefs from all over the country. This year, an additional competition for junior and kiddie chefs have also been added.

  3. Garden Show and Agri Fair

    Starting on August 8 until the 31st, the historic Gaston Park will be home to an exhibit of garden plants and artistic landscaping from local gardeners. This year’s fair will also include a showcase of agricultural products from the different barangays of Cagayan de Oro.

  4. Kagay-an Festival Marathon

    The city’s sports enthusiasts and runners won’t be left out with the inclusion of the Kagay-an Festival marathon in this year’s lineup of festivities.  With the goal of becoming the country’s next top running destination, Kagay-an Festival run includes a 3KM, 5KM, 21KM, and 42KM run.

  5. Cowboy Festival

    The 10th Annual Cagayan de Oro Horse Show is one of the fiesta’s key events and draws horsemen of different levels of expertise from all over the country. With events such as the Oval Race, Obstacle Race, and Barrel Race among others, it’s a festival not only for cowboys but for enthusiasts of all ages as well. The cowboy festival runs from August 22-24.

  6. Kahimunan Northern Mindanao Food and Lifestyle Show

    From August 23- 30, head over to SM City CDO for a showcase of the region’s best SME products like processed food, handicrafts, organic and natural goods, innovative products, and many others.

  7. Miss Cagayan de Oro 2014

    CDO’s prestigious pageant is an annual event to search for young women with beauty, charm, and wit that will represent Cagayan de Oro as its ambassador of Goodwill. The event features several activities prior to the coronation night on August 23 including the talent show, swimsuit competition, and evening gown competition. For the third year, Primavera Residences will choose and award Ms. Primavera 2014  based on elegance, intelligence, and beauty – traits which are aligned with the company’s multi-awarded building in Cagayan de Oro,  Primavera Residences. 

  8. Kagay-an Pyro Festival

    The kagay-anon skies will light up once more with the grand fireworks competition staged at SM City every year. On August 25, head over to uptown Cagayan de Oro to view the stunning fireworks which is a prelude to the city fiesta. (Bonus tip: the fireworks can best be viewed from the rooftop of Primavera Residences!)

  9. Street Dancing: Cagayan de Oro Carnival

    No festival is complete without a colorful parade of dancers lining up the streets. On August 24, the streets of Cagayan de Oro will be marked by an array of colors and costumes and merry carnival music. So head on over with your dazzling costume and join in the fray!

  10. PE Rhythmic Dance Competition

    It’s the PE students’ chance to showcase their special dance and field demonstration in a grand competition that involves a total of 8 different schools with 800 pupils per school!

  11. Higalas Parade of Floats and Icons

    On 7am of August 27, the civic-military parade will begin from Rodelsa Circle and will end at Limketkai Center. This year’s theme is “Ako ug ang Suba Managhigala” (The River and I are friends) which depicts the interdependence between man and nature in relation to the mighty Cagayan River.

So, are you ready for the Kagay-an fiesta activities? We sure are! So stay posted for more articles and features about the upcoming Higalaay Kagay-an Festival activities. We hope to see you in some of those events!


Want to know more about the award-winning Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro? Go here.


Colors that Define You and Your Home


Building a home is not just perfecting the foundations, locating it in wondrous views and investing digits to fulfill an ideal house for your family. More to that is experimenting and decorating your home to be a relaxing and comfortable place for you after a long and challenging day.

Primavera Residences, the first eco-friendly condo complex in Cagayan de Oro, recently hosted a free interior design workshop with the theme Color Basics: Choosing the Right Colors for your Home at its function hall. The workshop – in partnership with Truly Wealthy Realty Corporation, one of Cagayan de Oro’s property brokers and Primavera Residences’ top performing realty broker in 2013 – was conducted by one of Cagayan de Oro’s darlings in making homes your favorite comfort zones, Anna Christina Sagarbarria, fpid.

Sagarbarria is a licensed interior designer specializing in renovations and home-makeovers and designing for retail and commercial spaces in Cagayan de Oro and Manila. During the workshop, participants learned the basics of choosing the right colors for their home and what their favorite colors say about them.

Have you ever wondered why you are easily attracted to red signage of restaurants and food chains? It is because our body reacts immediately to the power and strength of the color red. Sagarbarria explained that we get an instant physiological response from the color red that catches our attention and makes us pause for a moment. Red is the color to target your consumers. For babies who are less active, paint his/her room red and trust that within a day or two, you’ll be busy panting and running after them because after black and white, red is attractive to them. For homey accents in your house, just add a bit of red to make it more appealing to the eyes. Red screams. Red is not the color for rest. It is a color for activity. People who like red are self-confident, unafraid to take risks, extroverted, has a strong sex drive, competitive and impulsive.

Add white to your red and it will soften your eyes with the calmness and cheerfulness of the color pink. The same with red, it elevates your heart rate and blood pressure but in a much lesser sense. According to Sagarbarria, when putting accents in your home, pink is best partnered with blue and other warm colors. It is a matter of balance. People who like pink are charming, refined and lady-like. They are less showy than the reds.

“Yellow signifies energy and light. Associated with comedy, hope and happiness, yellow lightens up your homey experience. It gives you time to relax and enjoy your day,” said Sagarbarria. “Most people who like yellow are more likely to be considered as imaginative, original, idealistic, creative, often spiritual and usually intuitive,” she added.

Orange is radiant and hot. It is the hottest of all colors even more than red. It signifies heat, sunset and fire. A home with orange accents is more likely to be bright and energetic. It brings more life to furniture and spaces in your home. People who like orange are more likely to be connected with being adventurous, enthusiastic, and agreeable. They are likely to work and play hard.

Blue on the other hand, is associated with being constant and eternal. Scientifically speaking, the color blue makes you calmer and feel better.

“When you want to rest, surround yourself with blue and avoid warm colors. For those who have babies, color their room with blue to help them sleep better and wake up at the right time,” advised Sagarbarria. People who enjoy the calmness of blue are trusting, cool, confident, sensitive to the needs of others, can easily form attachments, perseverant and peaceful, conservative, even-tempered, and reliable.

Green signifies the love of nature. It brings freshness and stillness. Green is best described as ‘the great harmonizer,’ the color of balance and harmony. According to Sagarbarria, green is best for the kitchen as it gives more patience to the cook that brings out the best in his/her dish. People who love green are stable, fastidious, kind, generous, model citizen, caring companion, loyal friend, faithful and a lover.

The most enigmatic and mysterious of all color that signifies passion and magic is purple. It is both the excitement of red and tranquility of blue. Aside from being a color of the royalty, it is also the color of artists, eccentrics, designers, performers and conformists. Purple makes children jolly. Light purple is also great for the dining room. People who love purple have the aura of mystery and intrigue. They are enigmatic, creative, charming, keenly observant and supersensitive.

Black is either sophisticated or rebellious. Defining its radiance and sophistication, it is un-ignorable and mysterious.

“When buying furniture in black, make sure to have white or light-colored accents. Black, white and red are popular to combine with,” said Sagarbarria. “People who love black are witty, clever, prestigious, and put very high importance on personal security. Also, they are sexy, dignified and serious yet classy.”

White symbolizes heavenly joy and wholesomeness. Despite being divine, virginal and unsullied, it is not advisable to paint your office or work area in white.

“It is tiring for the eyes,” explained Sagarbarria. “Go with warmer shades to finish your walls to get productivity going. To make it even classier and elegant, add wood tones to make the room warmer.”

People who love white are considered as self-sufficient, uncompromising, and usually immaculate in their clothing and homes.

This second interior design workshop was organized after the successful run of Prima de Mayo at Primavera Residences last May. Prima de Mayo was the first design workshop jointly organized by Primavera Residences and Truly Wealthy Realty Corp. featuring Sagarbarria as resource speaker.

Primavera Residences is a twin-tower, 10-storey green mixed-use development located in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. It comprise residential, commercial and office spaces for sale and rent. All units at Tower 1 are ready for occupancy. Because of its many green features, Primavera Residences has received several recognitions from international award-giving bodies. It recently won in the 2014-2015 Asia Pacific regional competition of the prestigious International Property Awards in the Best Mixed-use Development category for the Philippines.

For inquiries about upcoming events at Primavera Residences, call (63) 917 7921080 or visit


Living the Good Life the Healthy Way with Chef Ivy Trapero

chef ivy

They say the fad that never fades is health. Fashion trends come and go and even the concept of beauty changes over time. Whatever the color your skin is or what shape your eyes have, people notice your healthy glow even if the clothes you wear are two seasons past. Fashion and beauty products are only add-ons that enhance what is already there. Beauty comes from the inside – literally.

Filipinos have caught with this trend of living the good life through health and wellness. Cagayan de Oro, a city not to be left out, now sees a growing number of marathon runners, yoga centers, and more recently, nutrition clubs. One such nutrition club is being run by Chef Ivy Trapero, a Cagayan de Oro native who had trained in the culinary arts in Davao City.

Her experience in the food business reaches far back to when her family had a bakery when she was still 12 years old. She and her siblings would help in the baing and marketing of their goods. Later on, even as she majored in human resource development, her involvement in the industry did not stop as she worked in a fastfood chain during her undergraduate years.

After graduating from college, she further earned a Diploma in Special Education Teaching. Her engagements also show her propensity for wanting to share whatever knowledge she gains. She took short courses on  E-WORLD, ‘Enhancing Essential Skills – Teachers’ Seminar/Workshop,’ and ‘Teachers’ Effectiveness Training, and joined the Dep Ed-organized Seminar Workshop on Early Childhood Care Development.

Her training in education and her love for cooking have added fuel to her passion for teaching chef wannabes. Chef Ivy is an instructor at Northern Mindanao’s first culinary school, the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. She teaches Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition. Her enthusiasm about food and health also led her to create the nutrition club which aims at changing people’s lives through a healthy lifestyle.

To share more of this healthy way of life without foregoing the simple luxury of eating good food, she will be giving a talk at the Primavera Residences on the 26th of this month together with a free wellness evaluation for the guests.


Her nutrition club does not have a template for its members. Rather, nutrition and health practices are recommended depending on each person’s goal and each person’s circumstance. A recommended diet usually allows an individual to have two meals with meat and rice, and one meal substituted with a protein shake and herbal tea. Exercise should of course complement the diet.

Believing that a recipe is a simple guide to achieving a delicious dish, she is innovative in her ways of food preparation including short cuts in what could be tedious and long traditional kitchen practices. Ultimately, the goal she espouses is for the individual to not only be able to prepare something delicious, but to bring the individual to a state of accomplishment and happiness.

For more information about the Primavera Wellness Day on July 26, visit the official Primavera Residences page on Facebook or call 088-880-5002.


Interested to know more about the multi-awarded green building in Mindanao? Visit

Primavera Residences Hosts Free Interior Design Workshop

interior design workshop

Do you have a penchant for experimenting with colors when decorating your home? Learn about the basics of using the right colors for your home at Primavera Residences on July 19. Primavera Residences, an eco-friendly condo complex in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, is hosting a free interior design workshop with the theme Color Basics: Choosing the Right Colors for your Home and conducted by licensed interior designer Anna Christina Sagarbarria.

Anna Christina Sagarbarria specializes in renovations and home-makeovers but also designs for retail and commercial spaces. She has designed condominium spaces, townhouses, and apartments in Cagayan de Oro as well as in Makati and Taguig.

Aside from learning the basics of choosing the right colors for the home, participants will also learn what their favorite colors say about their personality.

Color Basics is the second in a series of design workshops being organized by Primavera Residences in partnership with Truly Wealthy Realty Corporation, one of Cagayan de Oro’s property brokers and Primavera Residences’ top performing realty broker in 2013.

The event will start at 2PM. Refreshments will be served.

Primavera Residences is a mixed-use development with residential, commercial and office units for purchase and rent. Residents save as much as 20% on their energy use because of the building’s eco-friendly features such as green inner courtyard and window-shading façade.

The property has been commended by international institutions: Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the International Property Awards (2014, Kuala Lumpur); Highly Commended for Best Condo Development in the Philippines by the Southeast Asia Property Awards (2011, Singapore); and One of the Most Promising Clean Energy Opportunities in the Philippines by the Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (2010, Manila).

Those interested to attend the free workshop and for inquiries about buying or renting a unit at Primavera Residences, visit or call (088) 310-8173, 0917-7921078.

Also check event details at or call +63 88 880-5002.

Primavera Residences Holds Workshops for Art Enthusiasts in Cagayan de Oro


Primavera Residences was transformed into a place of learning arts and crafts last May 24 as participants gathered for a whole day of workshops and seminars on flower arrangement, interior design and photography. Primavera Residences, a green condo complex in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, played host to the two events – Prima de Mayo and Pick Your Passion Photography Workshops.

Prima de Mayo was a flower arranging workshop and interior design seminar held at the inner courtyard of Primavera Residences. It aimed to teach participants on the basics of flower arrangements and maximizing small spaces. Both workshop and seminar were conducted by Anna Christina Sagarbarria, a local licensed interior designer who specializes in renovations and home makeovers.

Prima de Mayo workshop

During the workshop, participants learned how to mix and match colors when arranging flowers, and were taught the basic terminologies in color harmony. The participants were also treated to a crash course on interior design, with Sagarbarria providing tips on how they can get the most out of small spaces.

The Pick Your Passion Photography Workshop sought to teach promising photographers the techniques in street photography and lighting. The whole day workshop was conducted by Cagayan de Oro professional photographers, Glenn Palacio and Gian James Maagad. There was a special participation by CdO cosplayer Shoji Daradal as she modeled for a photo shoot session in the afternoon.


The photography workshop coincided with the unveiling of Palacio’s photo exhibit at the function hall of Primavera Residences called “Exhibit X” featuring several of his best works using Fuji X Series cameras. Palacio is a brand ambassador of the Fuji X Series cameras.

The Prima de Mayo workshop was organized in partnership with Truly Wealthy Corporation, one of Cagayan de Oro’s property brokers and Primavera Residences’ top performing realty broker in 2013. The Pick Your Passion Photography Workshop was also organized in partnership with Colours Digital Foto and Fujifilm Philippines.

Primavera Residences is an award-winning, mixed-use development in Cagayan de Oro. It is a twin-tower, 10-storey eco-friendly property with residential, commercial and office spaces for rent or purchase. Units are ready for occupancy. The condo complex was recently awarded for Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the prestigious International Property Awards during its Asia Pacific Property Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2011, Primavera Residences was also awarded by the Southeast Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) for Best Condo Development in the Philippines.

For inquiries on events and activities at Primavera Residences, call (088) 310-8173, 0917-7921078 or visit the website at