Workshop for the Art Enthusiasts: Prima de Mayo and Pick Your Passion

Last May 24, Primavera Residences played host to two art activities: Prima de Mayo – a flower arrangement and interior design workshop, and Pick Your Passion photography workshop.

Thanks to all those who attended, especially to our resource persons who imparted valuable knowledge to an enthusiastic audience. Here is a video slideshow of the fun activities that happened at Primavera Residences.

The Art of Arranging Flowers and Maximizing Space: Creative Workshops at the Prima de Mayo Event

prima de mayo1

On May 24, Primavera Residences, together with Truly Wealthy Realty Corporation, hosted two workshops to highlight the event dubbed “Prima de Mayo”.

These creative workshops covered the art of flower arrangement and interior designing and were conducted by a professionally licensed interior designer Ms. Anna Christina Sagarbarria. Ms. Sagarbarria gained her expertise from The Philippine School of Interior Design, the country’s premier interior design institution.


I had the chance to witness the flower arrangement workshop, and I really appreciate and admire the way she does her craft. Given the limited timeslot, she was able to manage squeezing in the basic essentials of what we need to learn as flower arranging newbies.


Set up at the green inner courtyard of Primavera Residences, Ms. Anna showcased her materials consisting of a variety of beautiful flowers, and vases of different shapes and sizes. Her talk started with a discussion of the basic color theory, stressing out that it is important to know the basic colors and its primary combinations.

Then, we learned a few basics in harmonizing colors:


prima de mayo2

From the term ‘mono’ meaning single, and ‘chromo’ or color, this is the application of a single color type. When it’s yellow, it’s yellow and nothing else.


prima de mayo3

This is a combination of two or three colors which are side by side on the color wheel, such as blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange. So, on your vase, you can have a single color of flowers of three different hues.


A combination of any two colors which are right across each other on the color wheel is complementary. A good example is yellow and blue.


According to Ms. Chri, this color harmony can be tricky for flower arrangement. If not carefully chosen and arranged, the result can be a huge cluttered, disheveled look. From the term itself, triadic combination uses any three colors from the color wheel that form a triangle. Blue-purple-red is triadic example.

The choice of vase for your flowers is also an important consideration to make. Yet more importantly, it’s the way you arrange the flowers and the color combination that makes or breaks it. Our adept speaker showed us a single type of flower in monochromatic color placed in both a country or rustic styled vase and a formal vase, and the desired effects were perfectly achieved.

She made sure to emphasize having fun in arranging flowers, just as what we had during the entire one hour workshop.

The second leg of her workshop is about maximizing space, a two-hour crash course in interior designing for small spaces. The audience was all ears, eager to learn really good tips that they can apply in their home and office spaces. Her tips were especially useful to those living in condos such as the multi-awarded premier condominium building, Primavera Residences.

Watch out for more fun workshops coming soon in Primavera Residences!

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Primavera Residences Hosts Flower Arrangement and Interior Design Workshop


Are you an aspiring florist or interior designer? Learn the art of flower arrangement and interior design at Primavera Residences on May 24. The premier residential and business condo complex in Cagayan de Oro is hosting the Prima de Mayo Workshop, a whole-day event conducted by licensed interior designer Anna Christina Sagarbarria, at its green inner courtyard.

Anna Christina Sagarbarria has designed condominium spaces, townhouses, and apartments in Cagayan de Oro as well as in Makati and Taguig. She specializes in renovations and home-makeovers but also designs for retail and commercial spaces. She studied Floral Artistry under the tutelage of interior designer Leo Almeria and floral designer Rachy Cuna.

Prima de Mayo will start at 9AM and is open to the public. It will feature a number of fun activities ideal for friends and families. The flower arrangement workshop will start at 3PM followed by Sagarbarria’s talk on interior design at 5PM. She will share smart and innovative tips on how to maximize small spaces. She will also provide free consultation on interior design during the event.

The Prima de Mayo workshop is organized in partnership with Truly Wealthy Realty Corporation, one of Cagayan de Oro’s property brokers and Primavera Residences’ top performing realty broker in 2013.

Primavera Residences is an internationally-recognized mixed-use green property in CdO. It is a 10-storey, twin-tower condo building with eco-friendly features including an indoor courtyard that enhances natural airflow within the building and a facade fitted with ledges that provide shade against the harsh sunlight during the hottest part of the day. It has received several recognitions from international award-giving bodies for its green architecture and energy-saving features. Recently it won in the prestigious 2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards in the Mixed-Use Development category.

Primavera Residences was also awarded by the Southeast Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) for Best Condo Development in the Philippines in 2011.

For any inquiries about the workshop and Primavera Residences, call (088) 310-8173,  0917-7921078 or send us a message here.


Passion, Purpose and Photography Merge at Primavera Residences’ Glenn Palacio Photo Exhibit


Aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts, here’s a lovely opportunity for you to get inspired this May. Primavera Residences is once again opening its doors for a photo exhibit featuring the works of local photographer Glenn Palacio. On May 24, photography enthusiasts can visit the photo gallery at the second floor of Primavera Residences.

Glenn Palacio is a young professional photographer in Cagayan de Oro and an official brand ambassador of the Fujifilm X-series cameras. He was one of the winners in Microsoft Philippines’ Upgrade My Business Promo contest last year, and one of the judges in the recently concluded Primavera Residences’ Earth Day Photography Contest. He specializes in portraiture and fashion advertising. As he puts it, he loves to immortalize people through portraiture.

“I started with street photography. I’ve always kept my distance from people but as I grew in this profession, I learned that as a photographer you should interact with your subject. So I became a photographer that deals with people,” shared Palacio.

“I like shooting people because it makes them immortal. A few years from now when they look back and see themselves in those photos, they become timeless. Shooting portraits is shooting a landscape of emotions of people,” he explained.

On May 24, Palacio will also hold a free photography workshop at Primavera Residences. Aspiring photographers can learn more about street lighting in this workshop.


“It’s part of my advocacy to help other young photographers in Cagayan de Oro. This way, students who can’t afford to go to Manila can have their sessions here,” said Palacio.

Palacio also shared three motivational words for aspiring photographers: passion, purpose, and photography.

“If you have the passion for the art, you know your purpose. You know your advocacy and your direction. You need to find yourself in photography because it reflects who you are.”


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Primavera Residences Unveils Investment Solutions for Condo Buyers, Launches ‘Green’ Activities in Cagayan de Oro

Primavera booth at SM City

Primavera Residences will introduce investment opportunities and solutions for condo buyers in Cagayan de Oro at the launch of its new booth at SM City CdO on April 25. In addition to introducing its affordable and eco-friendly condo units, Primavera Residences will debut a host of exciting ‘green’ activities including monthly raffles and giveaways.

Primavera Residences is a two-tower mixed-use condo property located in a prime address beside SM City in uptown CdO. Its first tower is complete and ready for occupancy while the second tower is slated for completion in September of this year.

“Units at Primavera Residences are ideal investments for people who want to experience green living in a booming residential and commercial part of the city. On top of the building’s eco-friendly design, it is also equipped with energy-saving and energy-producing features making this investment doubly relevant at this time of rising electricity costs,” said Cheryll Bariga, general manager at Primavera Residences.

“At 110 meters above sea level, Primavera Residences’ position assures buyers of a flood-free location,” she added.

The booth launch activities will start at 3:00 PM and will see the unveiling of the 10 finalists of the Primavera Residences’ Earth Day Photography Contest. The contest started last March 1 and called for amateur photographers in Cagayan de Oro to submit entries following the theme of green living and sustainability. Submission of entries ended in April 22 coinciding with Earth Day.

Out of the 10 finalists, three will be chosen in a final judging round beginning April 25 until May 3. The winners of the contest will be announced at a gala dinner starting 6:00 PM in the function hall of Primavera Residences.

The photo exhibit of winning entries will be open for viewing at the Primavera Residences booth at SM City until May 3.

Included in the year’s lineup of fun and exciting activities for visitors of the booth will include a Mother’s Day promo in May.

For more information about Primavera Residences, visit its website at: or call(088) 310-8173, 0917-7921078.

Meet our Judges for the Earth Day Photography Contest

Are you ready to submit your Earth Day photography entries yet? Or have you already made your submission?

If you haven’t, there’s still time for you to bring your best green photography entry to the table. To give you a clue as to who will be scrutinizing your masterpieces, we at Primavera Residences are thrilled to present our esteemed panel of judges.

There will be two rounds of judging. For the preliminary judging,  the judges will choose the top 10 among all the entries while the second round of judging will be for the top 3.

So who are these judges?

Check out this list to find out.











You got two days left to showcase your best Earth Day photos ever! Remember the theme, always consider green, and don’t forget to convey a story or a message in your entries. Check out the complete guidelines here.


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Artist Nick Aca Jr.’s Works Now on Exhibit at Primavera Residences

"Poverty Lines" by Nick Aca Jr. 42"x56" wood relief

“Poverty Lines” by Nick Aca, Jr. 42″ x 56″ wood relief

Artist Nick Aca Jr.’s Works Now on Exhibit at Primavera Residences


Want to get a good dose of local art? Visit Primavera Residences to view the art works of premier Cagayan de Oro artist Mr. Nick Aca Jr.

15 of his works including his masterpiece “Poverty Lines” are currently on display at the Primavera Residences Events Venue until April 25, 2014.

nick aca jr paintings
ALONE (left) 24″x24″ acrylic on canvas and CRAVING (right) 24″x24″ acrylic on canvas
From left-right, PURPLE WINE and TEMPTATION 1&2 24"x24" acrylic on canvas
From left-right, PURPLE WINE and TEMPTATION 1&2 24″x24″ acrylic on canvas


DWELLING Series 22"x10 1/2" wood relief
DWELLING Series 22″x10 1/2″ wood relief


About the artist:


Nick Aca Jr. is a visual and performance artist. He is currently the resident artist and gallery curator at the Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures. He is affiliated with the Oro Art Guild, the Artists for the Lord, Neo Angono Artists Collective, and Art Association of the Philippines.

His recent exhibits include Glimpse of Mindanao in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last May 2013, and the Singapore Bienale 2013 in the Singapore Art Museum.

At present, Nick is a prolific assemblage, collage, and performance artist. His most recent performance called “Resbak” was a commentary on the environmental degradation in the region and the shared apathy, concern, or neglect by its people. Nick believes that the pursuit and production of true and good art require honesty of intention more than a truthfulness of perspective.



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A Fabulous Women’s Night at Primavera Residences

A Fabulous Women’s Night at Primavera Residences

by Kathy Yu


Primavera Residences hosted a cocktail event last Saturday, March 22, 2014 to celebrate Women’s Month. I was there, of course, with my fellow lovely friends in our most glamorous outfits. I never regretted a single minute of being at the party because it was downright fabulous. Not only was it a fantastic night for women, it was so much more than that.

I’ll tell you what made it downright fab (aside from the fact that everyone looked great because that’s already a given).

Great Speeches from Empowered Women Speakers

I think every woman present in that event would agree with me when I say that the speakers delivered short but great speeches about women empowerment. To quote Ms. Adoracion Buat of Soroptimist Iligan from her prepared speech, “Modern women like us are superheroes. We are more independent and responsible of the many functions that we carry.” Oh, and this I like, “If a woman is empowered, her family will be better off. If a woman prospers, her village and community prospers.”

The second speaker, Ms. Rose Ann Saavedra, Club President of Rotary Club Iligan, was even more entertaining. She was filled with anecdotes that made the room erupt in laughter. She stressed how the women of today have become truly empowered in society, thanks to our government for giving women the chance to shine through gender-related programs. There’s one line from her speech I really love, and it goes, “Women are powerful enough that despite multi-tasking, we still find time to be beautiful.” Couldn’t be more true.


Ms. Rose Ann Saavedra of Rotary Club Maria Cristina wows the crowd with her speech
Ms. Rose Ann Saavedra of Rotary Club Maria Cristina wows the crowd with her speech

Artworks from Notable Local Artists

For art lovers out there, this is what you missed from the party. The entire hall was set up with well-chosen women-themed art pieces from distinguished local artists of Northern Mindanao such as Rhyan Casino and the Dire Husi Initiative, Mr. Nick Aca  Jr. of Oro Art Guild, and Mr. Eli Tabasuares. One simply can’t help but be awed with their masterpieces.

Paintings by Mr. Nick Aca Jr.
Paintings by Mr. Eli Tabasuares
Paintings by Mr. Eli Tabasuares
art works by DIRE HUSI
art works by DIRE HUSI
Renowned CDO Artists Mr. Nick Aca Jr. and Mr. Eli Tabasuares
Filmmaker Shaun Uy with DIRE HUSI’s Rhyan Casino

Event organizer and Primavera Residences’ Community Relations Specialist Janey Montebon Duterte, who is herself a lover of art, designed the event to be a complete tribute to women with great art works that capture and pay homage to the beauty and strength of the modern woman.

Aside from the wonderful art pieces on the exhibit, the audience was also treated to short films featuring women empowerment themes by Mr. Shaun Alejandre Yap Uy and his Film Production Class from Liceo de Cagayan University.

A Tour of Primavera Residences’ Condo Units

So, the lovely guests were grouped for a quick facility tour of Primavera Residences. Led by Ms. Cheryll Barriga as our tour guide who is the VP & General Manager of Italpinas, and definitely an epitome of a modern empowered woman, we were shown to 3 types of condo units of the city’s premiere eco-friendly condo. The units truly have a touch of class, and it amazed us even more to learn how Primavera aimed to commune with nature in its construction. Now, I understand why Primavera gained all those international accolades including the most recent International Property Awards!

Beautiful and Inspiring Party Guests

I was expecting some few good men in the party, but I was overwhelmed by the presence of guests like the women officers of the Philippine Air Force, members of women’s organizations, and several elegant-looking ladies. Then, of course I’ll always highlight the women speakers with their insightful speeches that just blew me away.

Primavera Residences’ very own empowered women with the guests from Soroptimist Iligan and Rotary Club Maria Cristina
The women of Philippine Air Force TOG-10
The writer, Kathy Yu (third from right) with friends and guests
The writer, Kathy Yu (third from right) with friends and guests


For more event photos, visit the official Facebook page of Primavera Residences at

Hats off to Primavera Residences for hosting a wonderful tribute to the modern empowered women!



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