What are the other expenses to which the dues pay for?

These expenses are defined as those “necessary or proper for the existence, maintenance, preservation and improvement of the Project or any part thereof, which shall include, but not limited to, real property taxes and assessments in respect of the Common Areas; insurance premium for obtaining and maintaining insurance; charges, deposits, penalties and all other amounts to be due in payment of utilities and other public services supplied by public utility or public service companies; charges, costs, fees, deposits, penalties, and other fees for the management, operation, control, possession, repair, improvement, replacement, maintenance, reconstruction, restoration, addition or alteration of the Project or specific areas found therein, which shall include, without limitation, the costs and expenses for providing security guard, janitorial, landscaping, general administrative, technical, architectural, construction, pest control and such other special contractual services; and all other charges, costs, fees or other amounts as the Condominium Corporation shall deem necessary to incur or is required to incur. Any, some or all of these Expenses shall be incurred at the discretion of the Condominium Corporation in respect of the Project as a whole, the Common Areas, and/or the Units, as it shall decide.”