Rhaine Pepito: Passion for Volunteerism


“I couldn’t express the happiness I feel whenever I extend myself to those in need. I find fulfilment when I bring happiness with the little deeds I do and I am very humbled to have the privilege of making people smile by just sharing my time and attention,” Renato “Rhaine” Pepito, Founder of Child Protection Brigade Volunteers Organization, shared.

Renato Rhaine Pepito, a 29 year-old Social Work student of Lourdes College enjoys having kids around. After his exposure with Community and Family Services International (CFSI), a humanitarian organization committed to peace and social development, with a particular interest in the psychosocial dimension, guided him to his passion and calling in life to found an all-volunteers organization—Child Protection Brigade Volunteers Organization.

The Child Protection Brigade Volunteers is a group of young people who commit their time and efforts in serving disadvantaged children in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Their group provides medical and social services to several children’s groups all over the city and nearby areas.

 The programs of the group include non-formal education, feeding program, and basic first aid to the children who are either living on the streets, in orphanages, or in evacuation shelters.

The Power of Volunteerism

Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place to live in. Even helping out with the small tasks in your community can make a real difference to the lives of people and organizations in need.

Dedicating your time to volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network and boost your social skills. Aside from that, experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns that relieves you from stress. It also makes you healthier because moods and emotions, like optimism, joy, and control over one’s fate, strengthen the immune system.

Rhaine, as he is fondly called by the kids he serves, told Primavera Residences how he was able to pursue his passion for volunteerism.

“Basically, I just do what I need to do for the community. Being a volunteer is more than just appreciation and acknowledgement. We serve the larger community without the eyes of the media and other people. We do what we do best and we are happy and proud that we deliver smiles and laughter to those people who are in need. We walk with our hopeful hearts to elevate the future of those disadvantaged individuals and we talk nothing but bringing out the best in them,” Pepito shared.

This December, as we celebrate National Volunteer Month, Primavera Residences personally asked him questions and these are his answers:

Do you consider volunteerism as a life-long career?

“Being a volunteer is a priceless job and no amount of money could ever repay the fulfilment you get from volunteering. I wouldn’t close my doors to other opportunities though, but rest assured that I will forever be serving the marginalized.”

Why is being a volunteer a need in this society?

“Tough question. It is truly a need and a must in our society to have volunteers since majority of our social order around the globe are suffering from different social issues, misery and anguish. With the help and support of volunteers doing community works or individualistic intervention. we can generate great wonders and changes in every person we encounter and come across with. Volunteers are essential and crucial in this generation for they play a vital role and function in our society.”

What do you want to say about being a volunteer?

“There are tons but I’d explain it in the simplest way I can. Being a volunteer is the toughest job, from planning to implementation, from time to effort, from breakdowns to breakthroughs, truly, being a volunteer is tough yet fulfilling at the same time. It’s not just making a difference but it’s something words could ever comprehend. A turning point that will change their lives not just today but also in the future.”

In the case of other volunteers, on behalf of them, what do you want to share?

“On behalf of the volunteers I have met, spoke and worked with, I would simple say: ‘Life is short so make the most of it’. It is just right to share our blessing not just by donation and solicitation. I am also grateful to have shared your time, presence and care to those who are in need.  Thank you for making a difference in this world by doing noble deeds. Let’s continue sharing and inspiring the world to do the same.”


This National Volunteer Month, Primavera Residences, an advocate of sustainable development and volunteerism, puts the spotlight on volunteers like Rhaine Pepito who offer their time and effort to support those who need it the most.

Do you have a volunteerism story to share, too? Feel free to comment below.